Children of Russia (2012)

Documentary №27830, 2 series, duration: 0:26:16
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Shahverdiev T.
Screenwriters:Shahverdiev T.
Camera operators:Shahverdiev T.


The film is based on an interview with children of different ages from different social groups. Children express the view of happiness, of prosperity, of his attitude.

Series №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Students talk about middle-class wages, of prosperity, financial support to families of honest and illegal methods of earnings, the need for change.

"The optimists and pessimists."

Different views of children and adolescents to live in our country and abroad, discussion of the politicians of the importance of their own opinion, the debate about the positive and negative views on life.

"Who where."

Children share their thoughts about how different life at home and abroad.

"Who's ready."

School debating club "change."

The meeting discussed the need for young people and timeliness of the next revolution in the country and changes in general, talk about the work of the state machine, about the consequences of any revolution and lack of a clear plan of action after undergoing acute period.

The discussion on a par with teenagers participating pupil elementary grades.


The detailed opinion of the nine-year schoolgirl on meetings, the need for change, discussions about education reform and that every child can do right now for yourself and for your family, a story about plans for the future.


View of the village houses.

An elderly woman and first-graders in the school corridor.

Questions answered D.Gluhov, son of a farmer, the father stands nearby.

Boy gets a tractor, the father checks the engine.

Tractor rides on the road, the boy behind the wheel.

The farmer comes to the tractor.

Father talking to his son.

Family Glukhov at the table, talking to journalists father and son.

Father talks about the problems of life of farmers.

A fragment of an interview with D.Gluhovym in the car.

The car goes on the village street (shooting from the car).

Behind the wheel of a first grader D.Gluhov.

Journalists out of the car, the boy leaves.


Driver tells of his daughter.

School eighth-grader said.

The girl's father home at the table.

The teacher writes on the blackboard.

The girl at the desk.

Girl meets at the blackboard.

Family assembled in the kitchen.

The girl's parents talk about school and learning.

The girl's father talks about life in the village.

"Location is everything".

Children answer questions and talk about religion and faith.

In answering questions of an elderly man.

Blooming wildflowers and plants.

A child in the grass.

To fit a child's older sister.

Girl sits next to his grandfather.

Children talk to grandparents.

Apples on the branches in the rain.

Calendar: 2012

Locations: Russia [1]

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