Children of Russia (2012)

Documentary №27831, 1 series, duration: 0:26:15
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Shahverdiev T.
Screenwriters:Shahverdiev T.
Camera operators:Shahverdiev T.


The film is based on interviews with children of different ages from different social groups. Children respond to various questions, give their opinion about the birth of children, their dreams, etc.

Series №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Why are they."

A doctor examines a baby in the hospital.

Schoolboy tells how, in his opinion, are the children.

The doctor puts the baby in the crib.

The opinion of an elderly person.

Asked meets a little girl.

Newlyweds on Red Square, a friend of the bride helps spread a veil.

Young couple on Poklonnaya Hill.

A small child running around the square in front of the stairs, and then begins to climb the stairs.

Questions answered by schoolchildren.

Couples of all ages dance to the accompaniment of an orchestra.

Young people sit in the fountain.

Elderly couple sitting back to back on a bench in a forest park.

A young man sits on the edge of the fountain, fits the child and trying to climb on the shoulders of his father.

Mother child's fear on the part of the fountain, passing by people with cans of beer in their hands.

A child sitting on his father's shoulders.

"Life - it is an eternal thing."

Dissolve: the child's father on his shoulders, the people on the streets of Moscow.

Boy and girl are on the square, in the background is visible to the Arc de Triomphe.

Legs girls standing on the edge of the fountain.

Behind the girls is a man in a baseball cap and sunglasses.

She carries gerbera in a bottle with water.

On the edge of the stairs creeps a little kid.

The mother puts the child on his feet, he shakes his hands, takes the hand together down the stairs.

Teens skateboard.

Little girl tumbles on the rings in the children's gym.

The girl on the uneven bars.

A group of children play under the supervision of trainers.

The girl answers questions by jumping on a trampoline.

Girl playing with a boy.

Boy kisses girl on the nose.

"What is missing".

Questions answered by students of junior and middle classes.

"Who to be".

Children talk about the importance and necessity of various professions.

"Russian and non-Russian."

The teacher conducts private lessons in music.

Schoolgirl singing and dancing.

A group of children at a lesson of modern dance.

Teacher - a black young man, the lesson is conducted in a mixture of English and Russian language.

Girl compares Russian and foreign teachers.


Children tell what love is in their view, talk about the relationship between men and women.


About his position in life tells a teenager with a disability.

In preparation for the interview features shots of family movies of 2003.

Calendar: 2012

Locations: Russia [1]

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