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Sweden - Football match between Sweden and FRG.Gorod Stockholm, April 19. Japan - the highest basketball player of the world - the Chinese team player. His height of 2 meters 38 centimeters. The city of Tokyo. India - Syria's President Assad H. lays a wreath at the memorial to Gandhi. Assad talks with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Desai. City of Delhi, April 19. Tunisia - working committee meeting of the Organization of African Unity. Tunis, 18 April. Lebanon - Former Prime Minister S. Hawes and Phalange leader Pierre Gamal comment resignation of the government. Beirut, April 19. Japan - Boxing. The battle between the Mexican and Japanese Kanto Migal M. Ogerma. Tokyo, April 18. CZ - USA - President Carter and General Torrios comment a new agreement on the Panama Canal. Student demonstration against U.S. plans to use the Panama Canal. Panama Canal Zone, the city of Washington, DC, April 18. USA - Tests of a new reading and talking computer. Cambridge, MA. Israel - New Israeli Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. R. Eitan takes command at a ceremony there M. Begin and Defense Minister Weizman. The City of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, April 16. India - Anti-government demonstrations outside the court welcomed the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who arrived in court. The city of Delhi. April 18. India - Railway accident in Bombay. City of Bombay, April 19. England - Football. Friendly match between England and Brazil. The City of London, April 19. Iraq - Negotiations President al-Bakr, with the defense minister of Saudi Arabia. The city of Baghdad, April 18. Israel - West Bank - Construction of a new Israeli settlement. April 16. Syria - President Assad's talks with the Foreign Minister of Kuwait about the upcoming meeting of Arab leaders. Damascus, 17 April. Cyprus - The trial of a group of 17 people who intended to overthrow the government. Nicosia, 17 April. Peru - Return to Peru seven political exiles, among them General Figusroa and J. Blanco. Lima, 12, and April 16. United States - Special Report on the project, ensuring the safety of air travel. From: special ground equipment, aircraft radar. Country: United States, Britain, Norway. 1971-1978.

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