Documentary №28, 1 part, duration: 0:09:27
Production: Krasnoyarsk studio
Camera operators:Kostylkov


A film about Soviet peasantry's traditions, which were formed in the early period of Soviet power in Russia.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Boy in a wheat field.

PNRM. on the wheat field.

Near field is a solemn "line", raising of the flag, the students in the form of a festive, pioneer ties listen to the speaker.

A man in a suit with a tie at the microphone talking about the history of collective farming village of Shushenskoye.

Honorary red ribbon worn Intermediate.

Memorial plaque on it are two flowers and a sickle.

Woman cuts off the ears of corn by hand for the first sheaf of the new harvest.

Harvesters "Niva" to harvest.

Landscape plan: the road along the field goes away.

On the way are two people: a man and a boy.

The memorial sign with the number "1922 - 1972", to the foot of his boys and men lay flowers.

Birds circling in the sky.

In the man scatters seed in a field boy looks.

Memorial plaque that field named Lenin.

Boy and man on Leninsky field.

The memorial sign at the edge of the field.

A man and his grandson go along the field.

Shushenskoye, hit a monument to Lenin.

The artist with his easel on the background of the village houses, draws under an umbrella from the sun.

Girl leads a tour of the places Shushenskogo Lenin.

Listen to people.

Memorial plaque on the house where Lenin lived.

In the house: shelves with books, a table lamp with a green, ink with pen open book.

Sightseers walk along the house-museum.

General view of the village houses.

Close-up: birdhouse bird house wall.

Among the village is asphalt road, it goes on a car.

Flower bed.

The groom meets the bride in a veil, leaving the house.

Tuple wedding cars decorated with ribbons and balloons, going on the road.

Landscape: a pond among the pines, swim geese.

New two-storey wooden house, standing next to a car.

On the porch of the house of an elderly man sitting with his grandson reading a book.

Grandfather grandson shows how the plane.

Flowers in the pot stand.

An elderly woman, a loaf of bread put hands on a towel - large.

In an open book: a poster depicts a peasant with his hands up and the words "Help".

Caption: Hunger.

Newsreel 1920's .: starving family near the village house, a group of women and children, child feeding, a woman with a pan in hand, the leaflet "Hunger does not wait."

Ice drift on the river.

Shushenskaya HPP, bubbling water of the river Shusha.

On the wall is a poster Shushenskaya HPP: conditional map of the USSR and the inscription "Lenin dreams come true."

On flagpoles hover in the wind flags of different countries.

Foreign Delegation of Power of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA) came to look at the world's largest power plant.

General view of the HPP and PNRM. the river.

Travel along the field.

In the farmers, harvester at work.

Pours grain truck.

Harvesters in the field to harvest.

In the cab: an experienced driver and a young guy.

View of the field from the cab.

The sign "Shushenskoe."

Rewarding farmers, distinguished harvesting.

Rides convoy of trucks with grain.

View of the setting sun with directions, flashing trees.

The setting sun over the field.

Calendar: 1921-1922

Locations: Shush

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