Production Designer B.Krasnov (1993)

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Scene №1 Production Designer B.Krasnov

Ballroom, stage.

Designers working in the gym.

B.Krasnov oversees the work of designers.

Boris Krasnov, sitting at a table, smoking, talking to a journalist.

Krasnov communicates with decorators in the hall.

Fragments show staged B.Krasnova.

Among the guests of the show coaches: Tarasov and Tikhonov.

B.Krasnov with recording engineers.

Posters theatrical performances of "The Garden of Eden," "The Maids".

Krasnov passes through the streets of Moscow in clean ponds.

Old courtyard.

B.Krasnov comes into the entrance of the house where once lived.

B.Krasnov talking with a reporter (not simultaneously).

Fragments of various shows, competitions and festivals in productions B.Krasnova.

B.Krasnova wife - a former model Eugenia Ovsiyenko.

B.Krasnov home, interior of the apartment at the time of repair.

B.Krasnov stage in the studio.

Says B.Krasnov (not simultaneously).

B.Krasnov talks with the actor in the image of Stalin, with L.Yakubovichem etc.



Krasnov B.A. -- painter, stage designer. designer Tihonov V. Tarasov A. Yakubovich L.

Calendar: 1993

Locations: Moscow [820]

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