Foreign newsreels № 929 (1964)

News №29000, 3 footages, duration: 0:12:01

Temporary description:

Marshal Malinovsky in Yugoslavia. Rewarding Sholokhov in the GDR. USA. The new missile.

Scene №1

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The launch in the U.S..

The launch.

Schematic flight of a rocket into space.

Key words


Locations: USA

Scene №2

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Order "Star of People's Friendship» I degree.

The award Soviet writer Mikhail Sholokhov first secretary of the SED V.Ulbrihtom.

Present in the room.

The wife of the writer.

Sholokhov playing with words of gratitude.

Key words

East Germany - Soviet Union


Sholohov M. Uljbriht V. -- Head of the German Democratic Republic

Scene №3

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Taxiing aircraft IL-18.

Occur in the Belgrade airport.

Go down the ladder Defense Minister R.Malinovsky with his wife, greet meet.

The members of the Soviet military delegation at the airport.



Military band plays.

R.Malinovsky bypasses the system of military guard.

Street Belgrade.

The Soviet delegation at a reception at the Ministry of War, Ivan Goshnyaka, negotiations.

R.Malinovsky sits in the car, the motion of the government's motorcade.

Acceptance of the Soviet delegation to the President of the SFRY I.B.Tito and his wife.

The conversation at the table in an informal setting.

Key words

USSR - Yugoslavia


Malinovskij R. Goshnyak I. -- Yugoslav military and political leader Tito I.B.

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