Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4306

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Argentina - Argentine leader's visit to the Chilean Pinochet junta. USA - The last training of Soviet and American astronauts in Houston. USA - Finalisation of the planet Mercury spacecraft "Mariner 10". Brazil - Order of the United States for the production of fighter-bombers, "F-5". USA - (NATO) - Spec. story about airplanes Sweden, the U.S. and France, are in service with NATO. Egypt - The trial of medical conspiracy against President A. Sadat. Cyprus - Preparation of a football field before the game, "England - Cyprus' European Championship. Cyprus - The England team inspects the stadium, "Limassol" pre-match "England - Cyprus". France - The opening of the film festival in Cannes. May 9, 1975 U.S. - A new sports game, invented by students of Arizona - "water basketball." Match. England - English League Championship Finals Rugby London, May 10, 1975 Laos - A protest at the U.S. Embassy against the policy of the United States. 2 clips. Vientiane, May 9. Mexico - Reception by President Echeverria of the Shah of Iran. Banquet. Mexico City, May 9. Lebanon - Press Conference Information Minister of Egypt Ahmed. Beirut, May 10, 1975 Uruguay - Production of canned meat for export. Cameroon - Meeting of the National Assembly. The President Ahidjo utters an oath in English. Egypt - President A. Sadat with a delegation of the Federation of Arab Republics. Negotiations on the tense relations between Egypt and Libya.