Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4310

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Syria - Mass rally on the anniversary of Palestinian guerrillas occupation of Palestine by Israel. (16 May 1948). Yarmouk camp, May 16, 1975 Chile - The Catholic Church provides food for the starving children, despite the opposition of the government. Santiago, May 12, 1975 United States - Anti-war demonstration - a holiday to honor the end of the war in Indo-China. New York, May 11, 1975 USA. - Unemployed in New York. UN - UN troops on the Golan Heights. (Peruvian). United Nations - The awards Peruvian soldiers of UN troops on duty in the Golan Heights. France - Demonstration of 18 thousand komivoyazherov on cars, demanding equal rights with the taxi drivers. Paris, May 23. South Vietnam - Vietnamese village: old women in traditional dress, youth, children. Temple. Laos - The Royal Air Force move to the side of the Pathet Lao. Vientiane, May 16, 1975 North Vietnam - A column of trucks with goods to South Vietnam. Laos - Performance parts of the Pathet Lao in Savannakhet city. Residents welcome the troops. Germany - The trial of a terrorist group "Baader-Meinhof Gang." Stuttgart, May 21. Gabon - The visit of U.S. Secretary of State for Africa Nathaniel Davis in Gabon. Talks with President Bongo. Algeria - The foreign ministers of Iran and Iraq discuss the demarcation line on the Iran-Iraq border. g Algeria, May 18, 1975 Zap. Berlin - Arrival of Henry Kissinger in the West. Berlin. Meeting at the airport. Appeal to the House of Representatives. May 21, 1975 Syria - Negotiations Egyptian President A. Sadat, President Assad of Syria and President of the PLO I Arafat on the Middle East. Damascus, May 18, 1975 Greece - A mass meeting in Athens in honor of the 30th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. Athens, May 15, 1975 USA - The tournament of the "new game" in San Francisco.