Forward, Soviet!. (1926)

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Reel №1 Forward, Soviet!

Tram on the street - shot from the top point.

The audience in the hall.

The work in the factories.


Water Works.

Steam heating in the apartment.

People on the street.

The Red Army on the truck.

The wounded soldier.

A search on the street.

The hostilities of the Civil War.

Are people with things.

Sits an old man.



Woman with buckets on winter street.

Fire starter stove book.

Fallen from hunger horse.

Dying camel.

Swollen from hunger, people.

Malnourished children.

The workers go to the factory.

Peasants working in the field.

There is a system of the Red Army.


Passing carts.

Children died of starvation.

Analysis of debris in hunger.

Distribution of food to peasants.

People at the meeting.

The destroyed bridge was blown up.

Listen to people in the square.

The civil war.

Destroyed trains and train / rail tracks.

Repair of locomotives.

A tram rides (winter).

Children 6-8 years in school.

Destroyed house.

New dwelling house for the workers.

The industrial community.


Outskirts of Moscow: wooden houses, tram rides.

Weigh the bread.

Lay a loaf of bread.

Workers in the dining room.

Destroyed factory.

Pipes running of the plant.

They come from coal wagons breed.

Shop metallurgical plant.

The food at the newspaper.

Supply room.

Electrification of villages.

A portrait of Lenin.

Key words

Hunger and devastation of the first years of Soviet power Electrification Industrialization



Industry; Transportation; Education; Agriculture; Defense and internal security; Social life; Construction

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