Newsreel Russia 1916-1941 years. (1916-1941)

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Scene №1 Newsreel Russia 1916-1941 years.

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Pre-revolutionary Moscow: square, a man is photographed on a background of painted scenery

The Bolshevik strikes, rallies and demonstrations.

Meetings among the soldiers, riding machine with the poster, dropped leaflets, the beginning of the revolution.

The Bolsheviks distribute rifle.

The sailors.

Red Square, tram rides, the revolutionary mood of the crowd in Red Square demonstration.

Revolution in the Head of the Kremlin, having fun, scoff at the royal symbols.

Soviet bank, lie on the shelves pack with seals, all in cash, stacks of coins.

Searches are on the streets, are removed from boxes icons, inventory, are arrested for shooting (Rapid).

The farm, the Bolsheviks being loaded onto a cart bag with the flour, the slogan of "shame rescuers bread"

The peasants.

A boy stands in the street in a cap and a rifle.

The Bolsheviks in tunics dance.

Emigrants on the pier, crowded ship

Russian emigrants abroad, beggars, prostitutes, fighting in the street, outcasts.

NEP Eliseevskiy store queue at the counter, the seller releases the products, a man tries on his leather jacket.

Folder opens criminal case.

The court - were arrested at a table on the stage sits Presidium Court, Hall of the People.

Freight train, flash cars, travel on the snow-covered moors, the guard, the prisoners look of the cars, the prisoners behind bars, the Red Army in Budyonny caps (guards) jump off the train.

Proletarian orchestra playing in the park, conductor.

Removed from the tank tanned skin.

Prisoners excrete skins, repair shoes, planed timber.

Security officers trained dogs

Prisoners at the camp on vacation, dancing to the accordion and balalaika.

Sit repressed intellectuals

Solovetsky monastery.

School for working youth.

Station, a crowd of people on the platform, with bales of people making their way through the crowd, the train departs.

the street is Red Orchestra, followed by a string of people.

Column Hall of the House of Unions, hang slogans delegates.

L.M.Kaganovich acts, Stalin smiles hall votes.

Rallies in the villages for the collectivization of the peasants.

Port, street, Red ship tiles on a cart, a woman lay on the pavement, hand wrote a statement to the farm.

The villagers come to the farm, lead cows, farmers face, and hang a sign "kolkhoz XVI Party Congress"

Dispossessed peasants are taken to the settlements, rural families are put in cars

Column of the repressed.

Prisoners on the White Sea Canal construction,

Gorky with a delegation to the White Sea Canal.

On the balcony of the House of Unions sitting party leaders - Kirov, Ordzhonikidze, Kaganovich, and others,

Stalin, Kalinin.

Congress delegates are sitting in the hall, close-up - Budennyi and Khrushchev.

People's Court, the judges are seated at the tables, the defendants in the dock, playing Katanyan prosecutor, the court read out the sentence (Kartashevtsy)

Rallies in support of the fight against the enemies of the people, slogans like "Glory to Yezhov," meetings among the workers and peasants, the rally milkmaids "Death to the traitors of the motherland", "Shoot him like a mad dog."

Theatrical demonstration in Red Square on the podium Beria hugs Ordzhonikidze.

In the workshop of the sculptor sculpts the figure, the two girls posing Sportwoman.

Stalin, Molotov, Voroshilov, and Yezhov in the construction of Moscow-Volga Canal, the crowd waving his hands from afar rulers.

Prisoners - builders channel receive new assignments, pass, get a passport, an orchestra and a column of prisoners are on the road along the barracks

Inmates sit in the car, the train is leaving the prisoners waving their hands from cars

The guards in Budyonny caps jump out of cars

Opening of the Moscow-Volga Canal, via sailing ships

The girl turns on the radio, run by the bed, makes charging (charge punctuated by shots of buildings Gulag)

The inmates are building the Moscow-Volga Canal, face prison.

Stalin delivers a speech on "life is better, it was fun ..." audience applause.

Jazz Band at the club, dancing couple, sit at a long table people drink for Stalin standing.

Grandma in the cafeteria pours himself a glass, drink looking at the portrait of Stalin.

1937: counter bookstore with books and portraits of Stalin, the Red looks, a portrait of Stalin.

A man stands at the microphone, "We do not touch."

Red Army Ensemble performs the song "do not wind walks on the field," Red Army soldiers, armor, guns, sentinel.

1939: Red commanders confer on the field, watching cards.

The ruins, are the portraits of Stalin, Molotov, burning tank, dead tank on tank,

The prisoners wounded soldiers

Key words

History of Russia
The Stalin era

Calendar: 1916-1941

Locations: USSR [863]

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