Pre-revolutionary Chronicle (1900-1917)

Footage №33746, 1 footage, duration: 0:28:25

Scene №1 Pre-revolutionary Chronicle

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Military officers out of the farmhouse.

Fragment of a football match.

The team poses for the camera.

Athletes (athletes).

Water sports - kayaking.


Nicholas II in the circle of ministers talking to people.

Station, the people on the platform are shipping things in train cars.

City street (shot with motion).

The shop windows.

Stroll people.

Public ice rink.

Men, women and children are skating.

A lot of people stand around a side.

Street of the city.

Men and women strolling,

stop and look at the camera.

Farmers stand on the bridge and posing for the camera.

War on the bike.

A lot of men on motorcycles driving on the road, traveling


The military on horseback.

Riders with hunting dogs.

Ladies and gentlemen on the racetrack.

The orchestra.

People around porch, stand communicate.

Kerensky among men posing in front of a camera.

England, people on the street.

The opening of a new section of the railway.

The crowds of people.

Steam locomotive decorated with flowers and flags.

Two men fighting on the beam bags, near the military look.

Park in China, run cabs (rickshaws).

A military patrol.

Past the train passes.

The military stand next to the car, sit in it.

Men and women walking on the street.

Because of the trees visible church.

Panorama - the mountains, the lake in the distance.

The sea, the ship sails away.

In the foreground plant.

Moscow market on Hunter's Row.

Crowds of people buy and sell goods.

Walk along the Moscow River by boat.

Types Kremlin.

Nicholas II and his family on vacation in Yalta.

Members of the royal family get in the car.

A visit to the imperial family of the cathedral in Yalta.

A visit to the imperial family of the mosque.

The First World War of 1914-1918.: Circassians in camp.

Bonfires, dancing.

The Circassians are sent to reconnoitre.

Horse rides through the village column.

Street of the city.

People stand in line.

The meeting of the Duma.

Steel fabrication plant weapons.

People with machines grind out the details.

Panorama plants.

Smoking chimneys, cranes.

The rotating portion.

Plant for the production of weapons.

The rally, crowds of people on the street.

Petersburg, a rally in the palace square.


Balkans, drovers with asses.

Military patrols come into the house.

The street food is cooked.

The military convoy go.

People with a buffalo-drawn carts to.

A column of soldiers.

The train at the platform.

People unload luggage.

Men at play.

A crowd of children out of the house.

Posing for the camera.

Children pose for the camera.

Kids get out of the barrel.

Group and single portraits.

Children are crying.

Railway Berlin.

Taking the train, view of the streets.

Calendar: 1900-1917

Locations: Russia [1] Europe

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