The first wave of Russian emigration (1917-1925)

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Scene №1 The first wave of Russian emigration

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20th years.: Registration Russian emigres in France, there is a portrait of Nicholas II.

The building is representative of the League of Nations, a sign on the building.

Maxim Litvinov is a representative of the League of Nations building, hallways, file cabinet, meeting in the office, on the wall a portrait of Nicholas II.

Newsreel 1900-1916 gg.:

Nicholas II and his family and entourage out of the palace, sit in a wheelchair, the crowd welcomed the royal family.

Nicholas II on horseback, is commissioned Russian soldiers

A crowd of revolutionaries in the square with banners, speaks at a rally Sverdlov, a soldier on the stairs butt knocks the royal coat of arms from the building.

Rides Cossack detachment, a military train, ship with soldiers of the tsarist army, steam train rides.

Map of Russian emigrants directional arrow.

In 1917-1920.: Hang the portrait of Nicholas II on the wall.

The area of ​​Paris, the office of the registration of emigrants.

The Orthodox Church is a service, the priest, the congregation baptized in front of the icons.

Paris Street, a building with the word "Renaissance", publishing, print Russian newspaper.

The street is a car, a man reading a newspaper.

art class, draw a girl.

There is a system of cadets, boys baptized cadets, cadets learn to fence.

Cooking for immigrants.

The man is dancing in prisyadku, men sit at the fence, read newspapers.

Dining room for immigrants: the people sitting at tables, eating, wall portrait of Catherine the Great.

The ensemble - a woman at the piano, the man on the balalaika.

People at the table read, a man in a hat in the park smoking a cigarette with a mouthpiece.

A pointer to the country road of America, in the forest stands a small wooden church, a woman peeling potatoes at the church, a man feeding chickens.

The woman behind the desk arranges dolls

Design Bureau Sikorski in America, Sikorsky, the model airplane.

Rehearses the dancer Serge Lifar.

Ball émigré nobility.

Dance lezginka

A man reads a man dusting the portrait of Nicholas II.

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Lifarj Sergej (Serzh) -- ballet dancer, choreographer and ballet master

Calendar: 1917-1925

Locations: France [77] USA

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