The mystery for millions of eyes. Spring in Krasnaya Polyana (1989)

Documentary №33948, 1 series, duration: 0:16:21
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kosachev A.
Screenwriters:Lazutkin S.
Camera operators:Fomichev L.
Composers:Klevickij A.


Children's science and cognitive pattern. The film in its original form tells about the life of tree frogs, reptiles, arthropods and other insects, and amphibians.

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Reserve Krasnaya Polyana (now the Caucasus State Biosphere Reserve (KGPBZ) name H.G.Shaposhnikova).

The leaves of trees.

Mzynta River Gorge.

On the way to the gorge passing cars.

The wooded slopes of the mountains.

Rolls mountain river.

View from the forest bivouac.

In the tent on a folding chair sits a man with a book.

Children visiting the river bottom.

Man on the slope.

On the path to the tent is a boy with a butterfly net.

Children at a table with aquariums.

Girl considering a magnifying glass aquarium inhabitants.

Scientist looking into a microscope.

Children watch a video.

The frames of the film school: the children roam in grassy "jungle."

The face of the scientist.

Thickets of grass near the spring.

Reflections in the water.

Children in the forest.


Millipede (millipedes millipedes) on rotten wood.

Millipede crawling on the close-up you can see the movement of the legs.

Millipede near the water.

Green lizard: claws, scales, muzzle.

Green lizard on a branch.

By branch crawling caterpillar.

Lizard catches and eats a caterpillar.

Lizard licked.

Hairy caterpillars.

Krasotel bronze (Krasotel small, beetle-Inquisitor).

Hairy caterpillars crawling on leaves.

Caterpillar falls from a sheet.

Krasotel smelly catches and eats a caterpillar.

Fight male stag beetles.

Head stag beetle with "horns" - mandibles.

Female stag beetle.

The males fight, the female is watching.

Stag beetle opponent wins.

Female stag beetle.

Male drinking water.

The boy's face.

Stag beetle female casts.


Anguis (legless lizard).

The girl's face.

Children watch a video.

On the tape, courtship anguis.

Head anguis.

Girl swinging on a spider web.

The spider web hit butterfly.


The boy's face.

Spider crawls to the victim.

Girl shakes the cobwebs.

A butterfly fluttering its wings.

Spider kills the prey.

Boy watching a spider.

Spider webs extraction shroud.

Girl beats in the web.

Spider strengthens the web, snacking old mount, rises above, tightens production and hangs it on a new place.

Boy watching a spider.

Spider with its prey.

The mosquito gets the cobwebs.

The spider runs to a new victim.

Komar beats in the web.

The girl's face.

Children run for help.

Spider shroud victim.

Children chased the spider stick.

Cubs wood tree frog on a branch.

Frogs climb and jump on each other and on the branches.

The adult frog and snail.

Snail crawling up the frog grasps foot on the edge of the carapace.

The boy's face.

The frog riding a snail.

Throat bag frogs croaking at the moment.

The frog moves to branch.

Frogs croak, calling each other.

Tree frog on palm leaf.

Children in a tent.

View of the tent out of the trees.

The boy comes out of the tent.

Around the flying fireflies.

A boy with a lantern.

Children catch fireflies.

Firefly (Firefly) in the palm of your hand.

Children with nets at the tent.

Fireflies in the foliage.

The children gather "catch" in the bank.

The baby's face.

Firefly palm.

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