Queen of risk (1980)

Documentary №35582, 1 part, duration: 0:10:12
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:G. Chertov
Other authors:G. Desenko, A. Ropov, Yu. Schuplyakov, A. Goljdshtejn, A. Romanov



A member of the USSR national team in sports acrobatics demonstrate their art.

Reel №1 Queen of risk

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The girl's face.

Sports acrobatics classes on the sandy seashore.

The face of a young athlete during a workout in the gym.

Ancient images of acrobatic exercises.

Athletes perform acrobatic exercises on the beach, performing a triple somersault.

The face of a girl athlete.

Members of the USSR national team in sports acrobatics during a warm-up in the gym.

Seascape at sunset.

Pair performance in sports acrobatics in the gym.

Performance of an acrobatic couple on the seashore during the day and at sunset, performing various acrobatic figures.

Performing a backflip on the partner's shoulders.

Holding the partner with one hand.

Performance of an acrobatic couple on the sandy beach and in the gym, performing synchronized movements.

Acrobatic couple during training with the use of insurance.

The coach gives the athletes recommendations.

Performance of a female acrobatic couple in the hall.

Female acrobatic couple during training, performing synchronized movements.

Performance of a female acrobatic couple on the seashore and in the hall.

Athletes perform ballet steps during the choreographic warm-up.

The girl's face.

Performing an acrobatic number with elements of choreography.

Female acrobatic couple performs on the seashore and in the hall.

Girls in the gym watch the training of the USSR national team in sports acrobatics.

The girls are trying to perform one of the acrobatic exercises.

Training of acrobats in the gym using safety ropes and belts.

Sports acrobats train in the open air, the faces of athletes.

Perform jumps with flips.

Building an acrobatic "pyramid" in the forest and on the beach.

Training in synchronized movements in the gym, building an acrobatic "pyramid" on the shore of the pond.

The face of a girl applauding athletes.

Performance of the male acrobatic group in the hall and on the city square.

Acrobats stand on each other's shoulders.

The girl's face.

Acrobatic "pyramid" of five people.

An ancient mural depicting acrobats.

Acrobatic "pyramid" on the seashore at sunset.

Variants of acrobatic "pyramids".

Acrobatic couple on the seashore.

Performing a series of backflips.

Calendar: 1980

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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