In the world of insects (1936)

Documentary №35776, 1 part, duration: 0:13:05
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Antonov L.


Popular science essay on some types of insects, their ability to adapt and survive in a hostile environment.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The pond in the woods, ripples.

Forest landscapes.

Butterflies on bark.

Wild forest bees.

Cabbage butterfly.


The caterpillars crawling on branches and leaves.

Shaggy caterpillar on a leaf.

The caterpillar chews sheet.

Shaggy caterpillar crawling on a branch.

Beetle takes off.

The trunk of the tree.

Larvae are looking for food in the bark of a tree.

Dung beetle roll the ball along the ground.

Beetle dig a burrow and hide the ball.

Wingless grasshopper produces food in the ground.

On the water go flamingos and herons.

Under the water sitting on a stone snail and beetle beetle.

Floats beetle pennywort.

Underwater vegetation and dragonfly larvae.


Snail crawling under water on stone beetle sits motionless.

Heron looks for prey.

Beetle-pennywort swimming underwater.

Heron hunts beetle.

Heron catches and eats a dragonfly larva.

A man on a forest apiary.

Aardvark is sniffing the anthill.

Ants crawling on a pile.

Aardvark ruins anthill and regales insects.

Aardvark was lying on a pile.


Tree frog (frog) crawling on a branch.

Beetle on a daisy.

Muzzle frog.

Beetle crawling on the petals.

The frog jumps and catches the prey.


By branch climbs mantis.

The flies on the flowers.

Praying in the ambush.

Fly cleans wings.

Praying Mantis catches and eats a fly.


Web of beating butterfly.

Spider Araneus kills and shroud victim.

The cobwebs gets another butterfly.

Spider catches a butterfly and drag it to the appropriate location.

Spider prey hiding in a Click bark.

Inflorescence sundew.

Sundew catches a fly.

The leaves of trees.

Man shoots from branch stick insects.

Stick insects crawling on his hands and moved back to the branch.

Caterpillar Butterfly Saturnia on the branch of a tree garden.

The caterpillar crawling on the trunk.


Caterpillar Saturnia on the ground.

Chickens and ducks run together and surround the caterpillar.

Small thorns on his head caterpillar.

The bird's head.

Caterpillar repels enemies.

Birds disperse.

Bear climbs a tree.

Bees in the hollow.

Bear trying to climb into the hive, she slides along the trunk and climb back.

Bees attack the bear.

Bear paws shrugs and falls into the hollow.

A swarm of bees.

Bear is selected from the hollows and descends.

Bear rolls on the ground and t muzzle paws.

Bees on the edge of the hollow.

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