Foreign newsreels № 1906 (1948)

News №37194, 1 footage, duration: 0:11:52


Newsreel 1914-1948 gg. World events.

Scene №1

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Newsreel of 1918-1920 .: People on the street.

Newsreel 1914-1918 .: The soldiers are digging trenches.



Demonstration with American flags.

The signing of the documents.

Southeast Asia: fires in the city, are wounded.


Newsreel 30-ies .: The Spanish Civil War.

Newsreel 1917-1921 gg .: The flag with the inscription "All power to the Soviets."

Photo: Sitting Lenin and Stalin.

Vladimir Lenin stands.

A crowd of people in the square.

Are soldiers.

Newsreel 20-ies .: speaker at the rally, people listen, applaud.

Newsreel 30-ies .: The speaker in the theater, a full house.

People were running down the street.

Adolf Hitler speaks.

Listening workers.

Hitler rides in an open car.

Hitler and Goebbels greet people from the balcony of the building.

Marching soldiers of Hitler's army.

German aircraft in the sky.

Hitler with military commanders.

Meeting of the Nazis.

Parade of Hitler's army, are fascist banners.

German generals from the map.

Is built by German soldiers.

The newspaper "Rude Pravo". .: 1938 Munich Agreement.

Adolf Hitler and B.Mussolini take hits.

Goering, Hitler and Mussolini at the table.

Signing the agreement in Munich.

British Prime Minister N.Chemberlen.

The newspaper "L'Humanite" of the Munich Agreement.


German troops in Czechoslovakia.

Killed civilians.

Hitler on the balcony.

Corpses on the ground. 1943-1945 gg .: shoot "Katyusha".


Soviet soldiers at the guns.

The storming of Berlin.

Soldiers with the Soviet flag at the Reichstag.

A jubilant people in the area with the flags of the Allies.

Demonstration on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

The signing of the documents.

Newsreel 1946-1948 gg .:

Transparency in English: "US troops away from China."

Chinese children are sitting.

Meeting in Berlin.

Ship tank.

The police beat demonstrators.

Military equipment.

Newsreel 1946-1948 gg .: The meeting in Prague.

Meeting in Paris, and gave de Gaulle.

UK: in favor of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Military parade on Red Square in Moscow.

May Day demonstration.

Stalin smiling at the Mausoleum.

Calendar: 1914-1948

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