Gunners in WWII (1941-1945)

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Scene №1 Gunners in WWII

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Shaves soldiers.


Soldiers bags with parcels, inscribe address.

Commander in the trenches, talking on the phone.

Officers consider the card talking on the phone, looking at his watch, study area with binoculars, synchronizing watches.

Fires cannon, soldiers served charges, charge and so on.

Powered gunner.

Gunners have guns, fighting.

Officers in the trenches.

A soldier on a tree looking through binoculars.

Officer looks through the periscope of the trench, through the hole in the roof.

Soldiers and officers talking on the phone from the trenches, looking through binoculars, periscopes.

Fires artillery soldiers in the trenches.

Key words

The Second World

Calendar: 1941-1945

Scene №2

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Soldiers jump from the train, run for cover.

Colonel Markelov in the trench, looking through binoculars.

Fires Artillery.

Soldiers tray shells, charge the gun, shoot.

Planes in the air.

Are tanks.

Plane drops bomb explosions on the ground.

The tanks are on the field.

Planes in the air.

Soldiers fleeing the attack.

Drags the wounded soldiers.

Soldiers crawling on their bellies.

Soldiers fleeing the attack.

Killed on the ground.

Lit tank.

Military unit crossed the river by the bridge.

German planes bombed the crossing.

Fired anti-aircraft gunners.

Crossing under fire.

Gunners load a gun and shoot.

Gunner snipe.

The soldiers fled the ruined building.

Soldiers on a campfire.

Bowlers with potatoes over the fire.

Soldier eats.

Chef pours soup on bowlers.

Shooting artillery.

Powered gunner.

Shoot gun.

Commander of the calculation gives orders.

Gunners charged with large-caliber gun.

Shells for heavy guns are transported on a trolley.

Shot gun.

Soldiers look through binoculars.

Shooting guns.

Colonel Markelov out of the dugout, watching, looking through binoculars, gives orders.

Calendar: 1941-1942

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