Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5701

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China - Visiting China, Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia.

Israel - The destroyer and the U.S. nuclear submarine arrived at the port of Haifa.


England - Opening of the exhibition of military weapons and equipment in Aldershot.

Egypt - The U.S. Senate approved the delivery of weapons to Egypt.

From: City of Cairo.

The people at the booth reading newspapers and magazines.

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt meets with Egyptian Foreign Minister Kamel.

Kamel says. A. Sadat inspects the troops.

The plane takes off.

France - Sending European satellite test in French Guiana.

England / Belgium - Test flight from Dover to Ostend largest hovercraft.

Pakistan - Opening of the new Highway Karakoram linking Pakistan with China.

Present at the ceremony military leader General Zia in Pakistan and Chinese Vice-Premier Ken Pia.

China - Visiting Beijing Romanian President Ceausescu.

Solemn meeting.


China - Special Feature - Chinese communities in different Asian countries: Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand.

Newsreel of 1964 -1978

Zaire - In Zaire, the rented by the Government of Germany, the West German firm launches its third rocket.

Present at the launch, President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire.

Greece - Thessaloniki City after the earthquake: Tents, which housed residents lost their homes.

Clearing the streets in the city.

People in tents.

Campground on the background of the ruined city.

France - A protest against the meeting of the new European community right "Euro-Wright."

Demonstration organized by trade unions, the Communist Party of France, an association of war veterans.

Taken: Demonstrators with banners, chanting.

Police dispersed the demonstrators.

In the conference hall of "Euro-Wright."

Speakers Almirante - gene.

Secretary of the Italian Social Movement and Vinyankur - France veteran right.


Portugal - Anti-fascist demonstration in Lisbon due to return to the country of former President Admiral Tomasi.

Argentina - Mother and wife three thousand "disappeared" political prisoners demonstrate at the presidential palace, demanding explanations fate of missing relatives.

Spain - Old traditional rite-midsummer celebration: at midnight June 22 people walk on hot coals.

This, according to legend, from the evil man cleans and provides a good harvest.

Province of Soria

Tanzania - the African National Congress of South Africa Freedom Day holds rally dedicated dismantling of apartheid in South Africa.

Present at a meeting of diplomats from the USSR, Cuba, Bulgaria, Vietnam.

Dar es Salaam,