Foreign newsreels 1980 № 6507

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Germany - Pakistani President Zia-ul-Haq after his visits to Iran and Iraq meets with German Chancellor Schmidt.


Turkey - Release of former president Ecevit and former Prime Minister Demirel.

Israel - World championship in windsurfing.

United Nations - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ivory Coast, speaking at the UN General Assembly.

Iran - Iraqi troops are engaged in an offensive on the Karun River.

Iran - Iraqi troops occupied the city of Mehran.

Algeria - The effects of the earthquake in El Asman.

South Africa - the demolition of the settlement of black from the center of Cape Town.

Black evicted the reservation.

Captured: Streets and houses.

Man washes out.

Destroyed building.

People carried out of the building furniture.

Workers demolishing house.

Spain - the Conference on Security in Europe.

Captured: Congress Palace with flags in front of the building.

Security at the Palace.

A search of delegates.

Delegates enter the meeting room.

President of the Conference at the table.

The delegate of the USSR.


Iran - Fighting between Iranian and Iraqi forces in Khorramshahr.


Children playing in the ruins.

Children are portraits of Khomeini.

Says Iranian prime minister.

UN - Statement by Representative of Malta to the United Nations Security Council.

Speaking about the oil conflict between Malta and Libya.

New York


Specialist. report - The plot of the world's oil supplies in connection with the Iran-Iraq conflict.

Newsreel 1956-1980 gg.

Iran, Syria, Austria, France

US - presidential campaign.

Captured: Reagan Helicopter lands in Southern California.

The crowd with placards against Reagan.

Reagan spoke before the crowd.

President Carter in New York City with his supporters.


Anderson on the street talking to the crowd.

Spain - The opening of the Conference on Security in Europe.

Captured: Arrival of delegates.

The clock shows no four minutes to midnight.

Delegates at the table.

He says the United States delegate.

Jordan - The ships of various countries in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

El Salvador - The explosion of a bomb at the residence of the archbishop.

The funeral of the murdered priest.

San Salvador

Syria - President H. Assad and members of the Baath Party authorizes the Syrian-Soviet Treaty.


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