Foreign newsreels 1980 № 6515

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Italy - Strike Aviation demanding renewal of contracts of employees of Civil Aviation.


England - a beauty contest for the title of "Miss Universe".


England - Football.

USA - The first official press conference of the new Reagan.

Los Angeles

Turkey - The celebration of the 57th anniversary of the republic.

Captured: General Evren accepts congratulations.

Military parade.

Egypt - President Sadat opened the first session of the Constituent Assembly of the League of Muslim and Arab peoples.


Syria - President al-Assad receives a parade of Syrian troops (in the parade participates female battalion created in connection with the government's order of compulsory military service for women).

Damascus district

Iran - Iranian leaders commented on Reagan's victory in the elections.


US - New US President Ronald Reagan appoints the cabinet of the transitional period.

Angola - Water scarcity in the country.

Chad - the ongoing war between Libya and Chad.

Captured: The bodies in the field.

Bomb craters.

The prisoners are on the street.

Soldiers with rifles.


South Africa - The funeral of the student, who was killed during a match for the world title.

United States - Special report on the US foreign policy, in connection with the election of a new president.

Captured: Carter appears on TV. Abandoned by helicopter after a failed rescue operation near Tabas in Iran.

US protesters at a mosque in New York, trying to stop the bus arrived to save the Iranians.

Reagan appears on the hostages.

Bill Carter and John.

Carter on a farm in Georgia.

The signing of the Camp David agreement.

Demonstration of Cuban immigrants smelters for their relatives in Cuba to the United States.

LI Brezhnev and Carter signed an agreement on the SALT-2.

Elevators grain.

Farmers discuss the embargo on grain to the Soviet Union.

Reagan said about nuclear war.

Carter says about war and peace.

Newsreel 1978-1980 gg.

Philippines - The military tribunal hearing the case of the assassination attempt on President Marcos.


Zimbabwe - The trial of a black minister of Human Resources, who is accused of the murder of a white farmer.

Iran - The fighting in the area Horrmashahr port.

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