Where the run takes Yenisei (1978)

Documentary №38722, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:11
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Boris Goljdenblank
Screenwriters:Boris Goljdenblank
Camera operators:N. Zotov
Text authors:V. Belyakov
Sound mixer:A. Romanov
Music designer:S. Vasilenko
Other authors:E. Guseva


The film tells about Tuva, the historical past of the Tuvan people, and gives a brief overview of the natural conditions.

Reel №1 Where the run takes Yenisei

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Obelisk on the bank of the Yenisei River, marking the geographical center of Asia.

Tuvan mountain landscapes (top).

Panorama of the lake.

Panorama of the taiga cedar forest.

Panorama of pastures and steppes.

View of the taiga lake with rapids.

A stream of water runs through the rapids.

Landscapes in the sources of the Yenisei.

River landscapes.

A Tuvan man sits on a rock and smokes a pipe.

Types of rocks with coniferous trees growing on them (from above).

A herdsman on horseback goes around grazing horses.

Panorama of the steppe and lakes.

The face of a master carver.

The master carves a figure of a horse.

Animal figures carved from bone and wood.

A herd of camels is moving.

A reindeer herder throws a noose while catching a deer.

A herd of deer runs by.

Panorama of the sea buckthorn bush.

Harvesting pine nuts.

Yaks graze on the mountainside.

A herd of horses is galloping.

Shepherds drive a flock of sheep.

Fishermen pull nets out of the water.

Catch fish in nets.

Harvesting by combine harvesters.

The confluence of the Big and Small Yenisei.

River landscapes and foothills.

Panorama of the part of Kyzyl-the capital of Tuva.

Views of the streets of Kyzyl, people on the streets.

Flower shop on one of the streets.

People in the square.

The faces of the residents of Kyzyl.

Monument to the heroes of the Civil War and participants in the fight against the White Chinese invaders.

The flag of the Tuvan ASSR over the administrative building.

Monument to Lenin V. I. on the square of Kyzyl.

Teenagers ride on horseback on the steppe.

Gulls fly over the surface of the lake.

Lake landscapes (top).

Calendar: 1978

Locations: Tuva ASSR

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the steppe in the foothills.

A stone idol in the tall grass.

Participants of the archaeological expedition at the excavations.

Extraction of found household items from the ground.

Samples of products of ancient Tuvans, dishes and jewelry found during excavations.

Panorama of the sky at sunset.

Masks of the Tuvan gods.

Dancing shaman.

The mast of a high-voltage power line in the steppe.

Cattle at the yurt.

A woman, sitting at the yurt, makes a sheep skin.

A man saddles a horse.

Power line in the foothills, autumn landscape (panorama).

View of the village in the foothills.

Loading of soil by an excavator into the body of a dump truck.

Mining by quarry method.

A column of heavy-duty dump trucks is moving.

Views of the Tuva-Asbestos plant at the foot of Mount Karadash.

Panorama of the city of Ak-Dovurak, located next to the plant.

People and urban transport on the streets of Ak-Dovurak.

Entrance to the House of Culture.

A cargo ship is moving along the Yenisei River against the current.

Panorama of the wooded shore, passing an oncoming ship.

Ships on the Yenisei, river landscapes.

Rafting on the Yenisei river.

Felling wood with a chainsaw.

A bricklayer conducts masonry work on the construction of a building.

A woman's face.

Combine harvester at the helm.

The teacher at the blackboard explains the subject.

The pediatrician examines the young patient, the doctor's face and the child.

An eagle soars in the sky.

Taiga landscape (top).

Panorama of a forest clearing.

A herd of deer runs by.

Grazing yaks.

Young fawns in a forest clearing.

A team of workers goes on shift.

The first call on the school line on September 1.

The teacher leads the first-graders to school, the faces of the children.

First-graders with bouquets of flowers in their hands during the solemn ruler.

Riders gallop across the steppe.

Calendar: 1978

Locations: Tuva ASSR

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824]

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