Remembering Boris Pasternak (1990)

Documentary №38794, 9 parts, duration: 1:24:09
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Golovnya B.
Camera operators:E.Ueckij
Other authors:I.Mendzherickij (scenarij). Yu.Kasparov (muzika). N.Roginskaya (zvuk). I.Kvasha (diktor).


Documentary film about the fate, the writer in the memories of friends and loved ones. Pasternak appears not only as a great poet, but also as a great citizen of his homeland.

Reel №1 Remembering Boris Pasternak

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The first part .

City of Moscow.

Peredelkino .

Winter and spring landscapes.

Funeral services for the church Peredelkino Pasternak .

Pasternak family home .

Photos and portraits.

Neuhaus says Galina Pasternak (synchronously). A.Voznesensky speaks at evening in memory of Boris Pasternak (synchronously).

Personnel news: 1953god , Stalin 's funeral , the coffin of Stalin's funeral , memorial service , act Beria , Molotov (synchronously ) on the podium K.V.Voroshilov , N. S.Hruschev , GM Malenkov , the Nobel Prize , there are the king and queen of Sweden.

Interview sister Josephine Pasternak Pasternak (synchronously), (England , Oxford) .

The second part .

Continued Zh.

Pasternak interview (synchronously), Zh.

Pasternak says Vladimir Mayakovsky and L.Brik .

Literary N.Feynberg gives interviews ( synchronously).

Exhibition dedicated to the victims of Stalinist repression.

Destroyed and untended grave at a cemetery , crooked crosses.

Destroyed narrow gauge , old steam locomotives .

Ruins .

Personnel news: 1st All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers , the building in which Congress is held , the audience in the hall, among those present: A. Tolstoy , Boris Pasternak , A.Fadeev , F.Gladkov , Boris Pasternak , are: Maxim Gorky , Bukharin ; demonstration on Red Square , on the mausoleum : N.Rykov , Voroshilov , Stalin , G.Dimitrov .

The third part . M.Dzhaparidze T.Tabidze and talk about Boris Pasternak and P.Yashvili (synchronously).

Personnel news: 1930 , protesters dance and dance to the accordion, brass band plays ; M.Isakovsky reads verses from the rostrum ( synchronously), a rally organized in support of one of the trials of the 1930s ( synchronously) trial 4 March 1938 , stands Vishinskiy (synchronously).

The fourth part .

Continued N.Feynberg interview (synchronously). M.Neygauz interview (synchronously).

Interview publisher I.Feltrinelli ( synchronously in Italian ) about the history of the publication of the novel "Doctor Zhivago" in Italy.

Views of Moscow from the top point .

Interery apartments Pasternak in Lavrushinsky Lane and houses in Peredelkino .

Personnel news: meetings organized in support of litigation ( synchronously).

Article "Their judges Soviet people ," published in the national press and signed by representatives of the creative intelligentsia.

The fifth part .

Autumn Landscape Peredelkino .


Interviews and N.Feynberg E.Evtushenko (synchronously). A.Voznesensky reads a poem by Pasternak (synchronously).

Swedish literary B.Yangfeld says Pasternak (synchronously in in Russian ) .

Amateur video : foreign journalists and guests congratulate Pasternak's being awarded the Nobel Prize .

The sixth part . A.Voznesensky reading a letter to the Soviet government of Boris Pasternak (synchronously).

Pasternak appeal to NS Khrushchev , published in "Pravda" .

Personnel news: the Nobel Peace Prize , there are the king and queen of Sweden; meeting where A.Sofronov delivers a diatribe against Boris Pasternak ( synchronously) E.Evtushenko of the floor . M.Neygauz says about the betrayal of friends ( synchronously). B.Okudzhava recites poems Pasternak (synchronously).

The seventh part .

Georgia .

Tbilisi .

Streets, buildings, traffic and pedestrians .

City views from the top point. N.Tabidze , M.Andzhaparidze , T.Natadze talk about Boris Pasternak (synchronously).

Personnel news: Boris Pasternak reading his poetry ( synchronously), Khrushchev speaking at a meeting with the creative intelligentsia , the audience applauds.

Eighth part. A.Sinyavsky ( Abram third) says Pasternak (synchronously).

Personnel news: Nobel Prize Solzhenitsyn and Brodsky , among those present - N.Solzhenitsyna ; awarding state awards NS Khrushchev , Brezhnev , the Politburo members presidium meeting . B.Yangfelda interview (synchronously).

Yevtushenko says about repentance B.Slutskogo (synchronously).

Amateur footage taken with B.Pasternak .

Ninth .

Landscapes Peredelkino .

Cemetery, the grave of Boris Pasternak .


Pasternak interview (synchronously). A.Sinyavsky talks about funeral Pasternak (synchronously).

Amateur footage taken with B.Pasternak .

Crew members are shooting and recording interviews.

The film includes the fragments of the play of the Leningrad Theater of Drama and comedy " Book of Yuri Zhivago " ( Cc. 3,4,5,7,9 ) .

The film draws Gosfilmofond USSR Central State Archive of Cinema of the USSR ( RGAKFD ) TSGAKFD Georgian SSR TSGALI , the KGB archives , personal family archives Pasternak TV Film Archives of Sweden , Feltrinelli Foundation (Italy) .

Key words

International relations.
Offense, offense.
Funeral business.
Public holidays.
Cultural ties.
The highest authorities and institutions.

Calendar: 1990

Reel №2

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Reel №3

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Reel №4

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Reel №5

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Reel №6

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Reel №7

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Reel №8

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Reel №9

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