Enisei River's Meridian 1988 № 3 Taiga Republic

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Zavolzhin V.

Script writers: Zavolzhin V.

Operators: Tishkevich S.


Special Issue on the guerrillas Taseevo village Krasnoyarsk Territory and their activities during the Civil War.

Reel №1


Chronicle of 1919:

Plowman works in the field.

Tree branches.

Krasnoyarsk region, the village Taseevo.

On the way, the riders gallop.

Panorama of the village to the hill.

Alternation: tells V.S.Borovets photos.

Place the first victorious battle.

Alternation: says veteran D.S.Tarakanov photos.

Tells V.S.Borovets.

The street is P.I.Novitsky.

Tells P.I.Novitsky.

Monument to partisans.

The photo.

The memorial plate on the place of execution of partisans. P.I.Novitsky shows pictures.

The wall of the wooden house.

Over the well on the "crane" swinging bucket (shot below).

Ruined house.

Veteran V.I.Tarakanov chopping wood.

Veteran V.F.Pershin.

Alternation: a fire burning in the stove, photos, he tells V.F.Pershin.

From under the cat gets out of the chair.

The pillow on the bed.

Pictures on the wall.

The window (the view from the dark room on the street).

Chronicle 1922: In a country road go carts. V.G.Yakovenko.

On the way, go carts.

Farmers running near the baggage.

Man takes V.G.Yakovenko petition and shaking hands.

V.G.Yakovenko sign the petition. V.G.Yakovenko paper returns, people shake hands. V.G.Yakovenko talking with brother.

Tractor harrow the field, the farmers planted vegetables.

The man with the newspaper "Kino-Pravda".

Tractor harrow the field.

Tells D.S.Tarakanov.

Chronicle of 1922:

Tractor harrow the field.

Painting and a plaque on the wall.

The windows of the house.

Painted gate and gate.

The door opens on the street leaves the rider.

The rider rides on the road.

Child stroking the horse.

The rider in the saddle.

Children playing with a gun.

Man with paper and tobacco.

Traditional "Directions guerrillas" of the village.

Children run for the horses.

"Directions guerrillas" on the road along the forest.

View of the field. D.S.Tarakanov. V.F.Pershin.


Obelisk in the field, in the foreground foliage (unclear).

Christmas garland, change of black and white to color.


Yakovenko VG - Soviet statesman, organizer of the partisan movement in Siberia during the Civil War, the People's Commissar of Agriculture of the RSFSR People's Commissar of Social Security of the RSFSR. Borovets VS - A writer, journalist, member of the Writers' Union of Russia. PI Novitsky - Founder and Director Taseevskoye museum.


1919 1922


Krasnoyarsk Territory


Winter [823]

Russian civil war