And if we do not melt the Arctic? (1974)

Documentary №39427, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:19
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Petrov


The film tells about possible global climate changes and the work of Soviet scientists on the theory of global climate management.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Snow, ice, bear walking on the ice.

Ship moves between ice.

Equipment icy deck of a ship.

Aerial view of the icy surface of the Arctic Ocean.

Meteorological installation specialist checks the readings on the thermometer around 50 degrees below zero.

PNRM. the snowy, icy terrain.

Gold Kolyma, the Yakut diamonds, oil drops splashing on the ground.

Light-oil fountain.

Construction of the pipeline in the cold.

Helicopter takes off.

Meteorologists work in the cold and wind.

Probe into the hands of people wind blows.

Buried in snow blizzard plane knocks people.

A sign over the house "Restaurant" 69 Parallel "Types inside the restaurant: stairs, painting on the wall, the people sitting at the tables.

Architectural models: the building of the stadium, the township.

Conditional map of the USSR shows the area of ​​permafrost and the place of occurrence of minerals (multrabota).

Photo engineer PM Borisov.

Map of the USSR, hitting the Bering Strait.

Figure (conditional): dam across the Bering Strait between the USSR and the USA. Figure (conditional): construction between the Arctic and Pacific Oceans.

Interview of Professor Drozdov about possible impacts on the ice of the Arctic Ocean.

A stack of magazines "Science and Life."

Book Borisov PM "Can a man change the climate."

The sign "Zoological Museum" mammoth sculpture.

Plants imprint on a piece of coal.

Figure: tropical forests of the distant past.

Storm on the ocean, the ship sails, big waves.

Photos scholar, traveler AI Voyekova.

Conditional maps illustrate the theory Voyekova Earth's climate (multrabota).

After heavy snowfall trees, cars, road covered with snow.

People with difficulty crossing the road due to snow drifts.

Cars driving with snow caps on the roof.

In the mountains, there is an avalanche.

Under the snow cars piled up to the roof.

Hurricane shakes trees, blows the roof off the house.

Salvation is affected by the tsunami: a woman bear arms.

Closed shutters of a giant telescope.

Scientists at the telescope watching space objects.

Radar installation.

Shooting a solar eclipse.

Motion of the solar corona.

Key words



Drozdov Dyakov

Locations: Arctic [941]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A man leaves home, goes through the garden to the booth with the devices.

Near the house is visible Observatory, opens the dome.

Scientist at the telescope at the observatory.

Dyakova interview about the impact of the sun on the earth's climate.

Photographing with a telescope.

Barometer on the wall.

Pictures of space objects.

Clerks held in the garden at home.

Clerks at the telescope.

Earth cracked by drought.

Explosion: mining.

Fast flowing river.

Flowering branches of trees.

The harvest in the garden.

PNRM. for the construction of the dam hydroelectric power station.

View of the city building in the foreground a man rides a donkey.

View from the top of the car to the parking lot.

Aerial view of the industrial area, smoke a pipe.

Hot shop steel plant, the molten steel.

View from the top of: PNRM. the city.

Figure (conditional) dam in the Bering Strait.

Interview of Professor Drozdov about possible impacts on the ice of the Arctic Ocean.

Arctic seals on the ice.

View of the New York Bay, the skyscrapers of the city.

The plane flies over the skyscrapers of New York, the top view.

View from the top of London near Big Ben.

Different types of cities in the world with the flight of the aircraft.

Meeting of scientists in the world on the Earth's climate.

Speech at the microphone, listening in the hall.

Conversations scientists on the sidelines.

Drawing of a smiling sun and thoughtful person.

Locations: Altay region [758] Arctic

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