Soviet Ural Mountains № 19 (1988)

Newsreel №3944, 1 part, duration: 0:09:18
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:L. Ionina
Camera operators:A. Krugovih, M. Novikov, V. Litvishko, S. Avdeev
Text authors:A. Rozin

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

PNRM. the crowd in the square around the monument to Lenin.

Titer "Tyumen.

Lenin Square ... "PNRM. The building with columns.

The rally in the square.

Speakers with a megaphone.

Rally to protect the ecology of the district.

Poster "Bread - YES !, Nature - YES !, chemical plant - NO!" People sign the paper.

Poster "Healthy nature of the health of the people!" PNRM. trees, forest views.

Sun glare on the water.

Boat on the river, two men in a boat.

The plot of "Made in high school."


The sign "Oil.

Institutions ".

PNRM. On the corridor wall with portraits of scientists.

Signboard "Department of General and Analytical Chemistry."

Stands with exhibits chemical field.

Chemical Laboratory, people in white coats.

Electronic equipment with many buttons.

People at the oscilloscope screen device - large.

Laboratory equipment and experience.

Bird market, sell dogs, puppies in the bag and on the hands.

Guinea pigs.

Birds in cages

Cat on the hands of the girl.

Head of a Dog - Big ..

The plot of "Masha and Yasha" In winter road horse driven sleigh riders.

Signpost "Deep".

The house sits at the table family, drink tea.

Swan (his name is Yash) was wounded in the house, it is fed.

Swans toy on the table.

Family house Falkova.

Hands knit - coarsely.

Face grandmother.

Boy and girl with swan Yasha in the house.

Branches of trees in frost.

Near the house on snow two swans: Yasha and his girlfriend Mary.

Grandmother feeding swans grains.

Summer landscape with river and trees.

Grandmother walks with swans that feed from a bucket.

Swans swim in the river.

Traffic on the road.

The plot of "Reflections on the bicycle wheel."

Bicycle with two parallel wheels in front, boy carries on it the two girls.

A woman carries two children in an unusual bike.

Three men are busy assembling the bike.

Four-wheeled bike with canopy stands in the room.

Bike unusual design (one wheel in front and three rear) tested indoors.

Different bikes unusual design.

Preparing for competition bicycles.

Prepare athletes and judges.


Bicycles of all kinds of structures involved in the race.

Key words


Locations: Kurgan region [783] Ufa [889] Tyumen [888] Izhevsk [890]

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