Friends and enemies Doctor Buteyko (1988)

Documentary №39844, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:49
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Potravnov
Sound mixer:Vizelj A.


In a publicistic form, the film provides information on doctor Buteyko and his volitional way of liquidating deep breathing.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko is sitting at the table, holding stacks of letters in his hands.

View of Dr.

Buteyko's home office.

Large - a scattering of letters on the table.

Photo-portrait in a frame - young Buteyko.

A white towel with an embroidered inscription "Anthem of CO2" and verses.

Raphael's painting "Madonna under a canopy".

Close-up - a panorama of the interior of the office - a walking clock, a vase with flowers, a photo with doctors, etc.

Fragment of the fresco "The Last Judgment" by Michelangelo.

This is Dr.

Buteyko speaking.

Panorama of shelves with books, photographs, drawings, portraits.

Says Buteyko.

Buteyko's patients.

The man takes several deep breaths of air.

A woman, breathing in with difficulty, wheezing in her chest is heard.

The women and the girl try to breathe deeply.

A man talks about his feelings, a panorama of Dr.

Buteyko - he explains what is happening to the body.

Says Buteyko (in the office, at the table).

Cemetery, a man at the coffin, crying relatives, a large moat, there are coffins at the bottom, relatives are standing at the edge of the moat.

An asthmatic woman with an inhaler, answers Buteyko's questions, tells about her illness.

Patients at Dr.

Buteyko's appointment - says a woman with a baby in her arms, Dr.

Buteyko listens.

Patients' faces.

Freeze frame - a woman with a baby in her arms.

Buteyko with a male patient, shows how to breathe according to his method - a man breathes, talks about his feelings.


Buteyko talks about his method of breathing.

Classes on teaching the method of breathing by Buteyko - a panorama of people with a pinched nose.

People walk in a circle, holding one nostril with a finger, in the center there is a woman doctor in a white coat.

A group of children learns to breathe properly.

Clinical studies are being conducted - a man is sitting with a cuff and sensors connected to medical devices.

A man blows with a special device.

Large - a sign on the building "Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine".

View of the Institute building.

Key words

Therapeutic breathing, Buteyko method



Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Special sensors are attached to the male patient.

Large - the patient turns the exercise bike.

The patient is lying on the couch, the doctor does an ultrasound, looks at the monitor.

Buteyko's patients are in class, sitting, taking their pulse, taking notes.

In the frame - Dr.

Buteyko, doctors, patients.

B/w group photo - Dr.

Buteyko stands in the center.

Says Buteyko.

A large-scale copyright certificate for the invention.

The patient speaks, a panorama of Dr.

Buteyko, he comments on the words of the patient.

Says the patient.

A little girl tells how, with the help of proper breathing, she stops an asthma attack.

Says a patient with bronchial asthma.

Large - medical history, various certificates, conclusions, etc.

Says the patient.

The patient is crying.

Large - icon "Assumption of the Mother of God".

In the frame, the patient is crying, then continues to talk about her treatment.

Buteyko in a kimono stands in a meditative pose.

A white towel with an embroidered inscription "Anthem of CO2" and verses.

Buteyko is sitting on the floor, breathing, meditating.

Krupno - Buteyko covers his face with his hands.

Shots from the Western modern chronicle - overweight men at some competitions, the winner with a cup, women with cigarettes, comedians on stage making faces.

Detox - shots with drunk patients, police, doctors.

Key words

Ultrasound, therapeutic breathing, Buteyko method, detox


Butejko K. P. - sovetskij uchyonij, fiziolog, vrach-klinicist, filosof medicini

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A large-scale medical anatomical atlas, hands turning pages, drawings depicting the structure of the skull, brain, different parts of the brain are visible.

Close-up - the face of Dr.


Shots of modern Western chronicles - human skulls on the ground, a rocket explodes, a rocket launch underwater and in the sky, various shots of burning ships, a tractor raking waste, a family on the street in transparent spacesuits on their heads and with special oxygen supply devices, a man in a spacesuit driving.

Says Buteyko.

Children barefoot in the snow - playing, dancing, laughing.


Buteyko in swimming trunks lies down on the snow, rolls over the snow.

There is a small child standing in the window.

Buteyko puts on a sweater after wiping with snow.

Says Buteyko.

Maternity hospital.

The woman lies down in a special pressure chamber.

Large - the plate on the device is "oxygen".

Close-up - on-screen image of ultrasound examination of the fetus.

The doctor holds a newly born baby in his hands.

The newborn is resuscitated - chest massage is performed, oxygen is given.

A newborn in the hands of a doctor.

Large - the doctor gives a massage to a newly born child.

Classes in the pool with young children.

Moms do exercises with their babies in the water.

A newly born baby - doctors give him a chance to "catch his breath", lift up and down the arms and legs.

Doctors put the newborn in a special oxygen box (oxygen tent).

Doctors are standing near the oxygen tent, watching the child.

Large - a child in an oxygen tent, crying, the doctor listens to him with a phonendoscope.

Children's hospital, children on oxygen therapy procedure - breathe oxygen through devices.

Young children in the ward, medical workers connect an oxygen supply device to the network.

Children breathe oxygen.

The ambulance crew is walking down the corridor, ringing the apartment doorbell.

Doctors at the bedside of a sick man - install a catheter on his arm.

Large - the hand holds a jar with a medicinal solution, the man is connected to a dropper.

Large - ambulance doctor.

A man is carried out of the apartment on a stretcher.

Fragments of articles in newspapers about the breathing method of Dr.


Says Buteyko.

Paintings - "Madonna Litta" by Leonardo da Vinci, Sistine Madonna by Raphael.

The child is lying in an oxygen box.

A woman in a hospital bed, with an oxygen supply device in her nose, is breathing frequently.

Icon of the Mother of God.

The girl breathes oxygen through the tube.


Mentally retarded disabled children in the big arena.

Large - a fragment of an icon.

Large - a disabled boy with a big head.

Key words

Ultrasound, therapeutic breathing, Buteyko method, maternity hospital, children's hospital


Butejko K. P. - sovetskij uchyonij, fiziolog, vrach-klinicist, filosof medicini

Seasons: Winter [823]

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