Meet: Uralkhimmash! (1988)

Documentary №39917, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:55
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Mackeranets
Sound mixer:Belov V.


The film is designed for young people and describes the giant of Russia's chemical machinery construction.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Sverdlovsk, city streets, in the center of the street - a poster with Lenin.

The area in front of the Uralhimmash plant.

The beginning of the working day, people go to work.

Workers enter the main building of the plant.

People at the checkpoint, on the territory of the plant.

Says the general director of the plant Chernetsky A.M. Memorial plaque on the building - about the beginning of the plant in 1942.

The sign is "Electrolyzer shop".

Says Chernetsky.

There is a book in Japanese on the shelf in the study.

Says Chernetsky.

Desert, camels, men riding donkeys.

Large - camels.

Panorama of the buildings, pipes, structures of the plant.

Factory premises, control center.

The territory of the plant, the desert is visible.

The territory of the plant, large pipes, a tractor rides.

A welder works at the factory.

Personnel with workers.

Panorama of the factory shop.

Says Chernetsky.

Uralhimmash plant, a worker is grinding a large detail.

In the frame - worker Peter Slobodchikov with colleagues in the shop.

Different production processes in the workshop, equipment, devices that the plant produces (equipment for the production of ammonia, polyethylene, etc.) are shown.

Welders are working.

Various equipment that is manufactured at the factory is shown - high-pressure apparatuses, vacuum filters, ball tanks, etc.

Workers in the factory shop, various production processes.

Production of consumer goods at the factory - product samples are shown.

Factory workers at work.

The factory's products are demonstrated - the universal kitchen machine "Belka".

Model shop - production of models made of wood, workshop workers at work, various production processes.

The workshop of the plant, machine workers at work.

Gear milling, carousel, boring machines, presses, etc. are shown.

Numerical control in the workshop - a worker enters programs on keyboards, numbers and information are visible on the monitor.

The worker turns on the equipment.

A young worker Bolshakov and his partner, trainee Khudyakov, master the management of machines and equipment, study the control panel.

The worker turns off the equipment, makes measurements.

Different personnel in the shop, work processes, etc.

The worker is behind the monitor, pressing buttons on the keyboard.

Different shots with workers in the shop. production processes.

Panorama of the workshop.

Boiler and procurement complex - shows how manual technology has been replaced by machine processing.

Automated processes for the production of blanks - employees control the operation of machines.

Large - control panel with buttons.

Production processes in the shop.

A computerized control center at the factory.

Large-scale automatic data printing.

The products of the plant.

An employee of the plant works with special equipment - a graph builder.

On the monitor there is a graphic image that the employee draws using the device.

Close-up - hands on the keyboard.

A recording device is working.

Key words

Uralhimmash, desert, camels, factory, workshop

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

SPTU-4 - stand with photos.

Photos of the leaders from the honor board.

Students of SPTU in the classroom in the classroom.

The teacher at the blackboard.

SPTU students in practical classes - different personnel from classes, special classrooms and equipment.

Large - the face of the student.

The guys are in the classroom at the school, the teacher at the blackboard explains the topic.

Large - the sign "Personnel training Department".

The sign on the door is "Economics Cabinet".

There are people sitting at a table in the office, a woman with a pointer points to diagrams and graphs.

Practical training in advanced training courses.

Factory workers in the classroom - sitting at their desks, taking notes.

The sign on the building is "Department of rehabilitation treatment".

Physiotherapy room - various procedures.

Factory workers are engaged in therapeutic gymnastics.

The inscription "Sauna", the door opens, the dressing room, steam room, recreation room are visible.

Convenience store - large - roses in a vase, cakes on a tray.

The store hall, customers choose products, look at the assortment, and so on.

The saleswoman works at the cash register.

The saleswoman puts the goods in a refrigerated display case.

Milk flows through the pipes.

Household farming - cows, calves, pigs.

Vegetables in the greenhouse, a woman collects cucumbers.

Large - cucumbers in the basket.

Tomatoes on the branches in the greenhouse, women are picking tomatoes.

Large - roses.

Flowers in the greenhouse.

Says Beskaravaynaya N. T., People's Deputy, veteran of the plant.

Large - glasses on the table.

Says Beskaravaynaya N. T. Large - table, inkwell.

Says Beskaravaynaya N. T. Street of the city.

New houses, modern neighborhoods.

The sign of the Uralhimmash dormitory.

Dorm rooms.

A flowerbed with flowers.

Children play in the sandbox, swing on the swing.

The building and territory of the kindergarten.

Men in nature, playing guitar, singing.

The territory of the children's camp, buildings, children play volleyball on the playground.

Children play, communicate, make a wall newspaper.

Panorama on the wall newspaper.

Panorama of the territory of the campsite.

Athletes train on roller skis.

The territory of the base.


Fishermen are coming with fishing rods.

Boats on the lake.

People are resting by the water, swimming.

Large - caught fish in a cage.

Large - dog.

People at the campsite, a panorama of pine trees.

The river, a panorama of new houses on the other side.

City street - city transport, cars, pedestrians go.

Uralhimmash workers at the checkpoint, on the territory of the plant.

Panorama of the square in front of the factory.

Key words

Uralhimmash, SPTU, household farm, physiotherapy room, kindergarten, pioneer camp

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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