Edge, looking to the future (1979)

Documentary №40072, 5 parts, duration: 0:45:23
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Durinov
Sound mixer:Gromov A.


The colour full screen film brings viewers to the Tumen area with its vast constructions, cities and trade. Oil and gas determine the scale of works here. The film uses various chronicles.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

On the screen is a collage of foreign chronicles of the 1960s and 1970s - dollars, gold, oil, oil rigs, Western banks, trades, stock exchange, bankers, politicians, streets of foreign cities, military equipment, armed conflicts, bombs are dropped, etc.

Panorama of forests, river, plains, fields (taken from the air).

The train passes over the iron bridge.

Compartment, flowers on the table.

The territory of the oil processing plant - different personnel (tanks, pipes, oil storage tanks, etc.).

View from the train window.

Moscow, river, embankment, view of the Kremlin.

City streets, bus parking.

The building of the Palace of Congresses in the Kremlin.

Newsreel, April 1978 - the XVIII Congress of the Komsomol, Komsomol deputies in the hall, Brezhnev L. I. speaks from the podium, a panorama of the hall of the Palace of Congresses.

A train is passing.

Komsomol members are sitting in the compartment - playing guitar, filling out papers.

Evening, on the roof of the house there is a neon inscription - "The bowels of the Tyumen region for the service of the motherland."

A modern building, a banner hangs - "Warm greetings to the fighters of the All-Russian shock squad."

A military band is playing.

A solemn meeting on the occasion of sending young specialists, geologists, oilmen, etc. to the North.

The geologist Salmanov F. K. Winter, northern landscape, house on a hill.

Wooden houses with smoking chimneys.

A window with ice patterns.

The indigenous population cuts holes in the ice for fishing, rides on reindeer sleds.

Nomadic parking - there are yurts.

Different shots - women with children and so on.

A man takes a group photo of pilots and indigenous people at a helicopter.

Parcels, boxes and various cargo are loaded into the all-terrain vehicle on skis.

All-terrain vehicles are driving on a snowy plain.

It's snowing, a blizzard begins, there are cars.

In the office, a woman in uniform is sorting through telegrams and radiograms.

Blizzard, snow - there is a helicopter, cars.

A female telephone operator receives a call.

Blizzard, helicopter.

Tyumen airport, people in the waiting room.

The ancient Siberian village of Berezovo.

Large - the hand beats the telegram.

The wall is a control panel, with buttons, levers, etc.

A large - red flag, a sign on the house - "ul.

Gubkina 5".

Dobrovolsky G. D., a physics teacher is walking down the street.

Says Dobrovolsky.

Dobrovolsky develops the film.

Large - pages from Dobrovolsky's photo album with photos of a gas rig and an article from a newspaper about a new gas field.

The frame with the tower (taken from below), there are people standing next to it.


Employees in the office receive messages, type on typewriters.

Airfield, cargo is loaded into the plane.


Airfield - different shots on the take-off field, in the control room.

The plane takes off.

The dispatcher is talking on the radio.

Shots of planes taking off, the image on the instrument screens in the control room.

The plane is on the runway.

People in the waiting room.

The helicopter is in the air.

The image on the instrument screens in the control room.

Forest, snowy plain.

A road, an all-terrain tractor is passing, there are residential trailers.

Men with some kind of document are standing near the tractor.

Tractors-all-terrain vehicles with people are coming.

Key words



Brezhnev Polevoi Batalin Salmanov

Calendar: 1960-1970 1978

Locations: The Tumen area

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Men stretch wires with dynamite.

An employee in the control center presses the buttons on the dashboard.

Alternate shots with a snowy forest, a dashboard and a printout of instrument readings.

The man takes out a printout with the data.

Computer center, numbers are running across the screen, employees are studying printed sheets with information.

Employees of the computing center, equipment, etc.

Rolls of paper.

Residential trailers.

Laboratory, special dishes, equipment, employees conduct various experiments, research.

Says I. I. Nesterov - Corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Large - the hand writes in a notebook.

An all-terrain vehicle is driving through the snow.

A gas tower, a pump, a drill, various personnel with workers, with production processes, and so on.

Surgut, a stele with the name of the city at the entrance.

There are buses and trucks on the road.

View of the city street, new houses.

A window with a curtain, new houses are visible.

It's snowing, power transmission towers are visible.

Surgut GRES (power plant).

Cutting with different frames of the power plant - pipes, equipment, machines, control center, etc.

View of the buildings of the Surgut GRES, power transmission towers.

The helicopter takes off, carries a metal structure in the air.

The pilot is in the cockpit of a helicopter.

Installation of a power line tower. a man climbs onto a power line tower, connects the wires.

Winter northern landscape, snow, blizzard.

Greenhouse with plants - watering takes place.


Greenhouse with plants.

Monument to the pioneers in Nadym (there is an all-terrain vehicle on the pedestal).

Panorama of new houses in the city.

Streets of new neighborhoods.

Temporary houses - the interior of the house, rooms, furniture, etc.

New houses.

The general plan for the development of Nadym.

There is a meeting of architects in the office, discussing the building plan.

An architect with a pointer at the photo of the layout.

Different shots from the construction - a crane is working, slabs, blocks are being lifted, a woman is laying bricks, etc.


A boy with a satchel walks past the cabins.

The face of a child, dogs near cabins, a poster with a clown.

Deer near the helicopter, a child in a stroller, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are performing, people on the street are watching a performance, girls in costumes are singing, a guy is climbing a pole for a prize, folk festivals.

Skiers are running.

Excavators are working in the quarry, loading sand into dump trucks.

Logs are lying on the ground.

Key words

Computer center, laboratory, all-terrain vehicle, gas tower, power plant, GRES, power lines, helicopter, cabins, construction site, excavators

Locations: Tyumen region [809] Siberia [926] Nadym Surgut [932]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A large roll is deployed on the road to cover the road.

Dump trucks are coming, the dump truck is dumping sand.

The cameraman is behind the camera, filming an interview on the road.

The crane moves the pipes.

Crane operator in the crane cabin.

The process of loading large pipes.

Pipes are transported on long trucks.

The driver is in the cab at the wheel.

A car with a big pipe is driving along the road.

Panorama of the snowy plain, forest, road (taken from above).

Men in the cockpit of a helicopter.

Panorama of the road, cars, working equipment (taken from above).

The pilot is in the cockpit.

The helicopter is descending.

Cars transport pipes.

Welders work on the pipe.

A tractor is coming.

Various works on installation and connection of large pipes.

The helicopter rises into the air.

May 1 is a holiday, flags are flying, small children are walking in pairs.

Telephone operators work.

A large radar antenna.

Conference call in the office.

In the frame, Batalin Yu. P. is the first Deputy Minister of Construction of Oil and Gas Industry Enterprises.

In the frame - the participants of the meeting, listening to the report on the selector from Siberia.

Telephone operators work.

A large radar antenna.

Says Batalin.

The truck is driving through mud and a washed-out road.

In the frame - workers on the road.

An all-terrain vehicle is driving, excavators are working, special equipment for laying pipelines is working.

Birds in the snow.

A forest clearing with melted snow, trees in the water, birches, buds on branches.

Portrait of the discoverer of the Berezovsky gas Bystritsky A. G. (at the funeral).

Large - the ground, the feet of people carrying a coffin.

The faces of grieving people, Bystritsky's portrait, awards on red pads.

Sunset red sun, river, forest.

A ship in the ice.

Panorama of the village of gas workers - a tower, buildings of houses, a hangar, etc.

Drilling rig.

The ship is in port, trucks are coming.

Pipes are being unloaded from the ship.

Pipes are being driven by a cargo all-terrain vehicle.

A crane lifts a residential trailer.

Evening - the ship is in port, cars are coming.

Summer, river, wooden houses on the shore.

Moose chews a tree branch.

A bear in a forest clearing.

Tyumen - different types of the city, people in parks and on the streets, construction of new houses.

Workers in hard hats are walking along the corridor of the enterprise.

Workshops - factories - various production processes.

Compressor stations and oilfield equipment are being assembled.

Welders and other specialists work.

The shipyard is a large ship at the shipyard.

Panorama of different river vessels.

The Ob River, a river vessel is sailing.

View from the wheelhouse.

Close-up - the hand switches the lever on the control panel.

The captain of the ship at the helm.

Panorama of a barge with cargo on the river.

Key words

Pipe, pipeline, dump truck, excavator, telephone operators, drilling rig, ship, vessel.

Locations: Siberia [926] Tyumen region [809] Yamal Tyumen [888] Ob

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of a barge with cargo on the river.

Pipes are transported on a barge.

The river transport dispatcher picks up the phone.

Shots with different river vessels.

Footage of the loading and unloading process at the port - a crane is working, lifting various loads, containers, boxes, equipment, residential trailers, cars, pipes, plates, etc.

Helicopter in the sky.

Different plans of the city of Tobolsk.

View of the Tobolsk Kremlin.

Construction of a petrochemical plant in Tobolsk.

Builders, welders and so on work.

Different shots from the construction.

Oil plant - huge tanks, equipment, etc.

Oil workers tighten valves, check equipment, and so on.

View of the oil complex, oil torches are burning in the background.

An employee in the control center, talking on the phone.

Different plans of the plant.

The river, a tower is visible on the shore, the cabins of oil workers (removed from the ship).

Oil workers work at the field.

The canteen of oil workers - the cook prepares food, the workers have lunch at the table.

Dining room - the general plan.

Oil rig.

Oil workers are working.

A herd of horses.

Drilling watch - different plans of the production process.

A river, a tower, an oil torch.

Monument-stele - "The first well of Samotlor".

Construction site - the general plan.

The crane is working, builders are laying bricks and so on.


The building of the cinema "October".

A new neighborhood, an alley, people walking, children on a carousel.

New houses, neighborhoods.

Tundra, land covered with deer moss, a construction site can be seen in the background (a New Urengoy is being built).

Different frames of construction work.

Conference call in the office.

The meeting is led by Y. A. Strubtsov, the trust manager.

Strubtsov with people at the facility.

Strubtsov gives an interview in the office.

The general plan is a view of the oil and gas plant.

Various shots taken at the plant - equipment, pipes, tanks, tanks, control center, instruments, etc.

The road, a man with a leveling device, a tractor rides behind.

Workers, equipment on the laying of a rail road.

Frames with a railbed.

In the frame is a specialist with a leveling device.

Different industrial landscapes - construction, cranes, a barge on the river, etc.

Footage from the construction of the railway bridge.

Key words

Oil, oil workers, drilling rig, rails, railway bed, dining room, leveling

Locations: Siberia [926] Tobolsk [901] Nizhnevartovsk [928] Novy Urengoy [907]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Yunost-Komsomolskaya station, the station building, a freight train with tanks is passing by.

The sign on the building is "Yunost Station".

Moscow, Garden Ring.

Large - hanging emblem of the magazine "Youth".

In the editorial office of the magazine, gifts from young railway builders from Siberian construction sites are on the shelves on the table.

In the frame, Polevoy B. N. gives an interview - the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Youth".

The northern landscape is a river, small trees, a construction site is visible in the background.

One-storey building, a poster "Urengoy Change" is hanging, a dump truck is passing.

Library, shelves with books, reading room.

The librarian lays out books.

A woman is reading a book.

Librarians with books.

There are various books on the table.

Books on the shelves, large - books by Brezhnev L. I. Train rides .

Young builders, specialists are solemnly welcomed in Tyumen.

The building, the inscription "Tyumen" and the clock on the end.

In the frame - builders-volunteers from Tashkent.

Interviews with various young volunteer builders.

Northern landscape - river, trees, it's snowing.

Special equipment is working, construction work has begun, a worker is hammering the frozen ground with a crowbar.

Builders are laying slabs.

A tractor is coming.

Northern landscape, helicopter.

People in the helicopter cabin.

View from the cockpit.

Various Siberian landscapes - plains, fields, forests, rivers (taken from a helicopter).

The pilot is in the cockpit.

An oil torch is visible (taken from a helicopter).

A man looks out the window.

The view from the helicopter to the ground.

Passengers in the helicopter cabin.

Various shots of Siberian nature, drilling rigs, etc., taken from a helicopter.

Monument to the "Conquerors of Samotlor".

Key words

Yunost magazine, library, helicopter, drilling rig

Locations: Siberia [926] Tyumen region [809] Moscow [820] Tyumen [888]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

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