Handwriting sample (1987)

Documentary №40413, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:57
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Monastyrsky
Sound mixer:Belov V.



Drug addiction is udoubtedly one of the greatest calamities of the XX century. The film shows the first several months of life of a man after he has been released from a colony for drug addicts.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

At night, a man on the street smokes, drinks tea, watches a small portable TV.

Vladimir Brovtsev is walking down the street.

Large - a sheet of paper with a sample of handwriting.

Prison, prisoners behind bars.

The corridor in the colony building, the guard checks the documents from Brovtsev, asks questions.

Brovtsev with things is preparing to be released from the colony.

The prisoners file down the narrow aisle, go out to the checkpoint.


Brovtsev works in the shop.

Anatoly Alekseevich is sitting by the fire, drinking.

Brovtsev washes his hands in a puddle.

Brovtsev and the workers are sitting in the workshop near an improvised table, smoking, playing cards.

Large - the hand attaches the contacts to the wires, a homemade boiler boils water in a jar.

Brovtsev boils water, makes tea.

Brovtsev is walking down the corridor.

Brovtsev is in a narrow room in an unfinished house, lying on an ottoman and smoking.

Brovtsev is in the yard with a shopping cart, crosses the railway tracks, climbs up the embankment of rubble.

Prisoners in the colony are walking through the territory, they are searched by security.

Brovtsev gives an interview.

Prisoners in the colony are walking through the territory, they are searched by security.

Says Brovtsev.

Search of prisoners.

A room in the apartment, a poster on the wall, Yuri is sitting in a chair, who also took place in the Brovtsev drug case.

The interior of the room.

Large - says Yuri.

Brovtsev with things before going free - freeze frame.

Says Anatoly Alekseevich, by the campfire.

Moscow, Old Arbat, it's raining, people under umbrellas.

A group of young people playing guitar, singing a Beatles song.

The river bank, the pier, moored boats and a pleasure boat.

Brovtsev on board the ship.

Large - the legs go down the steps.

Photo of a young Brovtsev.

Brovtsev is sitting in an abandoned cabin, smoking, talking about himself.

An old shabby mirror - Brovtsev is visible in the reflection.

Key words

Prison, colony, drugs, drug addicts, prisoners, Arbat

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Young people dance rock and roll.

Moscow, Old Arbat.

There is a street musician with an accordion, passers-by and tourists look, take pictures.

Street artists on the Arbat.

Zhirinovsky V. V. discusses with people in the crowd.

Brovtsev in a crowd of people.

The artist draws a portrait of a girl.

A film crew with a camera shoots Zhirinovsky's performance on the Arbat.

Brovtsev in the crowd.

Zhirinovsky communicates with people.

Large - Brovtsev's face.

A prisoner on a walk in the yard of the colony.

Close-up - the face of a young artist on the Arbat.

The artist draws a portrait of Brovtsev.

Laundry is hanging on a rope.

Yuri, a friend of Brovtsev, enters the house, goes down the stairs, enters the apartment.

A prisoner behind bars.

Colony - fence, grid, panorama of the building body.

A group of prisoners on the porch, smoking.

On the Arbat, an artist with an easel, next to posters for films that he painted.

A framed portrait of a woman on the wall, an old family photograph on the table.

Brovtsev is in a relative's apartment, sitting at a table, looking at old photos, family archives.

Photo of a woman with a child.

Says the woman.

Brovtsev goes through the photos.

Close-up - hands pass different old photos.

Says the woman.

Cemetery, family burial - tombstones with the surname Shamborant.

The crypt in the cemetery.

Brovtsev on the Arbat, street musicians play, Hare Krishnas sing.

Brovtsev is talking to the spiritual leader of the Krinshnaites.

A crowd of people, Krishna musicians are singing and playing, a film crew is filming on camera.

A crack in the stack in the cabin window.

Photos of the young Brovtsev.

The door opens, Brovtsev goes outside.

Various family photos of Brovtsev, where he is small.

Portrait of Brovtsev.

Close-up - the face of a young artist on the Arbat.

Sidewalk - cigarette butts, matches, garbage.

Large - a hand with a cigarette.

Arbat, crowds of people, tourists.

People are debating with each other.

Shots with the faces of people from the crowd.

Street musicians play guitars and sing.

A crowd of young people, different faces from the crowd.

Large - Brovtsev's face.

Pleasure boat on the river.

Young people sing to the guitar on board.

Brovtsev with a shopping cart is walking on the Crimean Bridge in Moscow.

Young people sing to the guitar on board a pleasure boat, a panorama of the Crimean Bridge and the walking Brovtsev.

Yuri is on the phone with Brovtsev.

Key words

Arbat, street musicians, youth, artist, colony, prisoners, portrait, cemetery, Crimean bridge


Zhirinovskij V. V. - rossijskij politicheskij deyatelj, lider partii LDPR

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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