First results (1972)

Documentary №40543, 1 part, duration: 0:09:58
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:I. Mihajlova
Screenwriters:O. Balabanov, E. Gohfeljd
Camera operators:M. Silantjev
Sound mixer:M. Ivanov
Other authors:N. Pavlovskaya, L. Eglit


The film tells about the development of livestock complexes in the Tyumen region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the taiga in the Tyumen region (top).

Heavy-duty dump trucks take out the soil.

Panorama of the oil storage facility under construction.

Equipment for earthworks.

Installation of high-voltage transformer substation equipment.

A helicopter taking off.

The faces of the drillers.

Installation of equipment.

Laying of an oil pipeline.

Surveyors survey the area at the site of the future construction of a livestock complex.

View of a part of the livestock complex, a tractor is carrying feed.

Buildings of the complex.

Pigs at the Shorokhovo pig farm in the Isetsky district of the Tyumen region.

Interior view of a part of the farm, pigs in fences.

A pigsty inside the complex.

View of the forage shop building.

The truck with the feed is being unloaded.

Management of a mechanized feed complex.

Mechanized mixing and distribution of feed to pigs.

Pigs eating out of the feeders.

Internal view of the pig farm.

Sow with piglets.

Pigs in the fences of the feedlot complex, a pigsty passes with a piglet in her arms.

The vet gives the pig a shot.

Piglets in the fence, the pig eats from the feeder.

Piglets suck milk from a sow.

Pigs in fences.

Pigs on the boards independently go into the back of the truck.

Chicken eggs on the conveyor belt.

Automatic sorting of eggs at the Borovskaya poultry farm.

Packing eggs in trays and putting them in boxes.

A conveyor that transports containers with eggs.

Panorama of the poultry farm (top).

Director S. M. Nikulin talks about the work of the enterprise, talks about the history of the creation of the poultry farm, the success of the labor collective, the specialists working at the factory (synchronously).

Automatic collection of freshly laid eggs.

Chickens pecking at food, an internal view of the laying hens shop.

Chickens pecking grain from bird feeders.

Inspection and weighing of chickens.

Measurement of the rooster's head.

Check eggs on special equipment with programs of light modes.

Chickens of a new breed, bred at a poultry farm.

Simplified scheme of breeding a new breed of chickens (animation).

Hens-laying hens of high productivity, bred at a poultry farm as a result of crossing breeds.

Chickens in cages.

Weighing rabbits on the farm.

Rabbits eat grass.

An employee of the farm examines the rabbit extracted from the cage.

Rabbits in a cage.

Examination of the rabbit by a veterinarian.

Panorama of the rabbit breeding complex.

Cages with rabbits in the open air.

Internal view of one of the closed buildings of the rabbit breeding complex.

Examination of the rabbit by a veterinarian.

Rabbits in cages.

An employee of the complex closes the cage.

The truck enters the territory of one of the livestock complexes of the Tyumen region.

View of a working irrigation system, cows in a pasture (panorama).

Panorama of the herd.

Ducks in the pond.

View of part of the territory of the pig breeding complex (from above).

Calendar: 1972

Locations: Tyumen region [809]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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