Schoolyards training and experimental site (1983)

Documentary №40696, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:20
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Obvintseva


The film is a visual aid for biology and natural history classes.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

School-based training and experimental site.

Children work in the garden beds.

The girls are holding a chicken in their hands, the boy is stroking the nutria, the girl is weeding the garden, the children are stroking the rabbits.

Panorama of the territory of the plot.

The scheme of the educational and experimental household plot.

The general plan is a school building, students work at the training and experimental site.

Children in the greenhouse, listening to a teacher's lecture.

Schoolchildren rake dry grass, dig up the ground, prepare the soil for planting and sowing.

A weather tower on the site.

Students collect weather data.

Children weed the beds, pull out weeds.

Watering plants in the greenhouse.

Working with fertilizers.

Department of field crops on the site.

Signs with the words "Wheat". "Vico-oat mixture", "Oats".

Schoolchildren are weeding.

Table - Field crop rotation by year.

Pie chart.

There are samples of cereals on the stand.

Large-ears of wheat.

Wheat field, corn field.

The girls measure the shoots, record the data.

Sunflower shoots.

Large-a sunflower flower.

The general plan is for children to work in the garden beds.

Shoots of legumes.

Department of vegetable crops.

Schoolchildren work in the garden beds.

A student under the guidance of a teacher takes care of beds with tomatoes.

Large-tomatoes in the garden.

Children under the guidance of a teacher plant seedlings.

Animated scheme of planting shoots.

A sign on the garden "Vegetable crop rotation".

The general plan is the beds.

A large greenhouse.

Schoolchildren work inside the greenhouses.

The sign is "Variety study of cucumbers".

Children with a teacher in a greenhouse.

Large-cucumber in the garden.

Collection department.

Schoolchildren work in the garden beds.

The sign "Solanaceae family".

Frames with different plants.

The sign "Medicinal plants".

Shots with various honey-bearing and medicinal plants.

Department of Plant Biology.

Various light-loving and shade-tolerant plants.

Large - a bee is sitting on a flower.

Children collect plant flowers.

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fruit and berry department.

Schoolchildren work on trees in the garden, cut branches.

Large-grafting of fruit trees.

Planting tree seedlings, processing and watering the land.

The sign "Cuttings department".

Large-branches from fruit trees.

There are apples on the branches.

Schoolchildren are engaged in watering in the garden.

Dendrological department.

Large - there is a web on the branch.

The general plan is the school building, the school site.

Various trees and shrubs on the school experimental site.

Flower and decorative department.

A large-white flower.

Large - peonies, irises, poppies, phlox and other decorative flowers.

The sign "Nasturtium".

Schoolchildren are engaged in watering and weeding.

Rock garden - a rock slide.

Schoolchildren take care of plants on a rock slide.

Large-various mountain flowers.

Panorama-a hedge of tall shrubs.

Large-a bird in the grass.

Zoological Department.

A boy on the shore of a pond.

The teacher and students feed nutria.

A butterfly flies over a cabbage.

Large-a drop of water on a leaf, caterpillars crawl, a ladybug.

A bird is sitting on a birdhouse - different plans.

Rabbit house.

Schoolchildren carry food to the cages with rabbits.

Class, students at their desks in a biology lesson.

Large-training manuals, leaf samples.

The teacher leads the lesson.

The student examines a flower with a magnifying glass.

The teacher holds a flower in his hands, tells the material.

Students in the classroom study plants.

The general plan is that schoolchildren work at the school's educational and experimental site.

Schoolchildren are harvesting.

Students fill out the table "News from the fields"on the blackboard.

The harvest exhibition at the school.

Large-squash, pumpkin, onion, tomatoes.

The scheme of the educational and experimental household plot.

A collage of photos of children, a plot, flowers, vegetables, etc.

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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