The origin of oil and gas (1983)

Documentary №40748, 1 part, duration: 0:09:51
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Konstantinov
Sound mixer:Belov V.


The film narrates the organic (biogenic) theory of the origins of oil and gas.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Scientists are in the laboratory, working with test tubes, making notes.

Large - test tubes on a stand with different types of oil - the hand takes the test tubes, looks, makes notes.

Scientists in the laboratory are studying, looking at oil from test tubes.

Large - oil drips, a puddle forms.

The names of chemical elements appear on the screen - carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur.

An employee in the laboratory is doing a chemical experiment.

An employee pours oil into a test tube.

Two employees are standing at the shelves in the laboratory.

Formulas of three classes of hydrocarbon compounds in oil (paraffin naphthenic and aromatic hydrocarbons) appear on the screen.

Photo of the Soviet scientist, academician Gubkin I. M. Group photo of scientists from the expedition led by Gubkin.

Samples of minerals on the shelves in the museum, a plaque "Guiding fossils of the Paleozoic".

Large -scale fossilized remains of ancient animals and plants.

Drawings with prehistoric animals and plants.

The process of deposition of zoo-phyto plankton residues to the bottom is shown.

It is shown how fragments of rocks break off and settle on the bottom.

All this together led to the formation of sedimentary rocks.

Close-up - an employee looks through a microscope.

It is shown how sedimentary rocks look under a microscope.

Students in the classroom of the Institute, study breeds.

Large - wooden box, various stones, rock samples are in the compartments.

The structure of sedimentation basins.

The process of converting organic substances into hydrocarbons is shown.

Students in the classroom, looking into microscopes.

The process of conversion of organic substances into petroleum hydrocarbons is shown.

The process of immersion of formed hydrocarbons into the depths of the earth is shown.

There is a temperature graph on the screen.

Graph of the intensity of oil and gas formation processes.

Large - an employee adds liquid from a pipette to a glass plate.

A large glass plate is placed under the microscope.

Large - liquids are mixed in a special laboratory dish, then the resulting solution is typed into a pipette.

Graph of the intensity of biochemical processes.

Hermocatalytic processes (it is shown how and from what gas and oil are formed).

The screen shows the structural lattice of chlorophyll, the structural lattice of phytol, as well as phytane and pristan.

The laboratory, the staff work with the equipment, conduct experiments, observe the reaction.

Large - pressure gauge, the arrow is moving.

Laboratory, an employee is sitting at the table, a panorama of the instruments and a standing employee.

Large - scale experience is put, pressure is artificially created with the help of the device.

The woman turns levers, toggle switches on the control panel.

Large - special blanks made of wood for experiments.

The processes of movement of hydrocarbons from oil-producing strata (migration) are shown.

In the case of subcapillary pores, rocks work like a sieve, separating hydrocarbons and water (diffusion processes occur).

The process of moving oil and gas through reservoirs (migration) is shown.

Jet migration is shown - the movement of oil and gas in a free form.

Large - hands put a glass plate under a microscope (studying the structure of collectors).

An enlarged image under a microscope is shown.

An employee looks through a microscope.

An enlarged image is shown.

The movement of oil and gas through reservoirs is shown, they reach natural traps and give rise to the formation of deposits.

Map of the USSR. Oil pumps are working.

Panorama of the territory with deposits.

A helicopter is in the air, transporting a residential trailer.

Oil workers in oil production.

Panorama of the field, the tower, residential trailers (taken from above).

The drill is working.

Oil-producing complexes.

Key words

Oil, laboratory, hydrocarbons, oil and gas production

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