Stories about Siberia. Taiga (1981)

Documentary №40814, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:36
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Menickaya A.
Screenwriters:Bruskin S.
Camera operators:Lober H.


The film tells the story of the forest resources of Siberia, their development and conservation, the restoration of the lost forest land and breeding work.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Forms of the Siberian taiga.



Brown bears.

Larch forest.

Deer in the forest.

The trunk of larch.

Yellowed needles.

Nuthatch on the trunk.

Badgers digging in fallen pine needles.

Pine forest.


Fir forest.

Mixed forest.

Woodpecker on the birch.

Sprouts conifers under a birch tree.

Birch and spruce.

Hedgehog in the grass.

Pine forest.

Pine cones.

Harvesting of pine nuts.

Bird with a nut in its beak.

The squirrel gnaws cone.

Bird hides nuts in moss.


Sable on a tree.

Squirrel hides food in the fallen leaves.

Squirrel jumps on branches.

Panorama of forests and rivers.

Otter in the water near the shore.

Alternation: people go through the swamp, squirrel on a tree trunk.

Roe is watching people.

ATVs in the forest.


ATV Tree.


Panorama taiga.

Taiga village.

City view.

Residents on the streets.

Construction of industrial facilities.

Taiga road.


Panoramas of the taiga.

The movement of vehicles.

Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Institute of Forest and Wood.

Alternation: A.S.Isaev says the director of the Institute, the research and experiences in the forest nursery.

The trunks of the trees.

Bear in the woods.

Planned deforestation.

Forest clearings (aerial photography).


Removal of the forest road.

Timber rafting on the river.

Preparations for the restoration of the forest, a tractor plowing the land.

Young plantations.

Mechanized planting of seedlings.

The grown conifers.

View of the plantation from the air.


Isaev AS - Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Honorary Doctor of the Moscow State Forest Institute.

Locations: Siberia [926] Krasnoyarsk [923]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama taiga.

Observation tower.

Airplane over the taiga.

Forest ranger with binoculars.

Woodward captures the direction of and reports of outbreak of fire.

Fire aviation.

Plane pyrological laboratory.

Alternation: crew members, a top view of the burning wood.

Experts convey information about the fire.

The researchers analyzed data.

Information processing on a computer.

Printing a fire card.

He lit the fire.

Alternation: Fire in the forest, wild animals flee.

Creating a protective strip with explosives.

Ploughing the land.

Siberian moth destroys forests.

Scientists study satellite images.

The camp is in a forest scientists, chemical experiments.

Laboratory research.

The means to combat moth.

View of the dead forest area.

Forest treatment chemicals from the air.

"Columns" State Nature Reserve.

Reserve employees.

Alternation: forest undergrowth, deer, bird on a fallen tree.

Ligation in the aviary.

Mink are busy in the grass.

Scientists are preparing to release animals into the wild.

Animals in cages.

Polecat-mink hybrid (hybrids polecat and European mink).

Scientists Tarnowskie with small animals in his hands.

Polecat-mink hybrid lowered to the ground.

The animals run over people.

Pine firebreak.

Sparrows in the snow under the bushes.

Snow-covered trees.

Grapes rowan.

Snow on the branches of trees and shrubs.

Laboratory research.

Sprouts plants in test tubes.

Forest nursery.

Experiments with grafting cedar to pine.

Adult grafted tree.

Cedar landing.

Natural panorama.

Locations: Siberia [926] Krasnoyarsk [923]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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