Pig, the shepherd and the complex (1975)

Documentary №40885, 5 parts, duration: 0:49:28
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Stremyakov
Anouncers:Hmara L.


The film covers technical and scientific revolution in agriculture.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Dawn, tractors on the field.

Cows graze in the meadow.

Fog over the river.

Houses on the shore, a panorama of the river.

The cat eats from a saucer.

A woman feeds chickens and a pig.

The cow is being driven to graze.

A woman gives food to rabbits.

A flock of geese.

The gazik goes around the territory of the collective farm, drives into the cowshed, into the field with harvesting equipment.

A combine harvester is working on the field, a gas truck is driving nearby.

A herd of cows in a meadow, a gas truck is approaching.

A flock of sheep.

Rabbits in a cage.

A woman cleans a rabbit hutch.

Geese on the pond.

Says the chairman of the collective farm.

Combines on the field.

The combine at the wheel.

Close-up - watch on hand.

Animated insert - on the topic of labor productivity.

Grain is falling.

Combine harvesters and harvesting equipment are working.

The combine at the wheel.

Animated insert - on the topic of labor productivity on farms.

The family is sitting at the table in the room, watching the movie "The Pig and the Shepherd" on TV.

Shooting from above - collective farm territory, field, farm, etc.

Watering the field.

Large - an alarm clock on the table.

Morning, the workers go to the farm.

A woman collects buckets.

Farm workers wash and prepare milk cans.

A woman is milking a cow.

Cows in the paddock, workers give hay, feed, sweep the floor in the cowshed.

Young people are waiting at the bus stop.

People get on the bus, the bus leaves.

Belgorod collective farmer Klavkina A. A. - tells about herself.

Key words


Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Says Mayorov A. P. - director of the Omsk state farm "Luzinsky".

Poultry farm building.

A room with incubators.

Large - eggs, a chicken is sitting on them.

Chickens in wooden boxes.

Large - chickens.

An employee of a poultry farm in a room with appliances, a control panel, etc.

Large - control panel - buttons, light bulbs, etc.

Poultry house - chickens in pens.

Conveyor, packing of chicken eggs.

Pig breeding complex - panorama of the buildings.

Lecture in the hall - the lecturer shows pictures of Squirrels and Arrows, gives a lecture.

The audience is in the hall.

People go to work in workshops.

Preparation for the work shift - shower, change of clothes.

Workers are walking down the corridor.

Pig farm - pigs in cages.

Large - pig with piglets.

Panorama of the pens with pigs.

A piglet in the hands of a worker.

Automated control system - the employee presses the buttons on the dashboard.

An employee in a white coat.

Panorama of the pens with pigs and piglets, A worker washes pigs with water from a hose.

Pigs in pens - different plans.

Room with equipment, control panel.

An employee is working.

Panorama on the buttons on the dashboard.

Automatic feed feeding.

Pigs in pens.

The master repairs the equipment.

Different plans with pigs in pens.

Animated insert - on the topic of labor productivity on pig farms.

Says the lecturer.

Employees' faces.

Says the production worker.

Says a female veterinarian, an operator.

Shooting from above - state farm. the road, houses, a new neighborhood can be seen in the distance.

Five-storey houses, people at the entrances.

Kindergarten building - children walk and play on the playground.

The road, chickens graze on the side of the road, new houses can be seen in the distance.

The building of the restaurant "Lesnaya byl".

Restaurant - visitors at the tables.

View of the pond, new houses.

Key words

State farm, poultry farm, pig farm

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Omsk state farm "Luzinsky" - panorama.

Says the director of the state farm - Mayorov A. P. Design Bureau, employees work behind the coulmans.

Says one of the employees.

Says a hydraulic engineer.

Says the communications engineer.

The librarian at the table, a panorama of the shelves with books.

At the table in the office - the director of the state farm "Luzinsky" Mayorov A. P. Mayorov reads a book.

Panorama of shelves with books on agriculture and animal husbandry in foreign languages.

Majorov says.

Pig farm.

Large - pigs.

Field, in the background of the building of the combine.

The director drives up to the plant on a gas truck, enters the building.

Majors with employees of the company.

Large - pig with piglets.

Majors with employees of the company.

Different shots of pigs in pens.

The layout of the plant.

Stands with indicators.

Collective farm "Dawn of Communism", Female workers enter the building.

A modern cowshed, a tractor falls asleep to feed cows.

Different plans with cows.

Automatic milking of cows.

Milk runs through the pipes.

Cows in the cowshed.

The workers of the combine with the chairman of the collective farm.

Large - a book with the wishes and reviews of various guests and delegations.

Tambov, intercollegiate pigsty-automatic.

An employee in the premises of the automatic control center.

Large - control panel.

Pigs in the pen, feed is automatically poured.

Penza, an inter-collective farm enterprise for the cultivation of cows.

A worker in the cowshed, pours milk to the calves.

The veterinarian examines the calf.

Shchapovo complex near Moscow - cows in a paddock on the street, in a modern cowshed.

Large - panel with buttons for automatic control.

The premises of the complex - pipes, valves, equipment, appliances.

Automatic milking process.

Carousel is a system of milking and feeding cows (cows move in a circle).

Milk in large glass bottles.

An employee at the control panel.

Panorama of the control panel, buttons, light bulbs.

The plant's workshop, the process of feeding feed on the conveyor.

Cows eat food.

Automatic feed feeding.

Large - hand dials a number on the dial selector.

A man in the office at the table is watching TV, there are shots from the cowshed.

Animated insert - on the topic of labor productivity in Shchapovo.

Key words

State farm, design bureau, kulman, combine, pigs, cows

Locations: Omsk region [793] Tambov region [805] Penza region [796] Moscow region [788]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Collective farm field, special equipment is working, drainage is being laid.

An automatic irrigation system is operating in the field.

Harvesting equipment works - mowers, combines, tractors, etc.

Forage is being harvested.

Hay is raked with a large pitchfork by car.

Tractors are driving across the field.

There are employees working in the computing centers.

Punched cards are printed.

The design bureau, the staff work behind the coulmans.

Workers in the workshops of factories - various production processes.

An agricultural car is driving.

Field, panorama of the buildings of the livestock complex.

Buildings of the complex.

Large - control panel with buttons and light bulbs.

The employee presses the buttons.

Cowshed - cows in pens, eating feed.

Animated insert - on the topic of labor productivity - comparison of the complex and the state farm.

Livestock complex - buildings, buildings, truck rides.

A field with haystacks.

A feedlot in the Rostov region - a panorama of the territory.

Cows graze on the street, in a large paddock.

Cows drink water.

Automatic feeding of feed for cows on a tractor.

Cows in the pens.

Top view of the territory of the complex.


A wheat field, a monument with a tank can be seen in the distance.

Panorama of the monument.

A plaque on the monument.

Military guns, dugout, trench.

In the frame - Gorin V. Ya., chairman of the "Frunze collective farm".

Gorin walks along the guns.

Collective farm field, harvesting equipment - removed from traffic.

Gorin is in the car.

Rural landscapes - fields, meadows, hills, houses.

In the frame Surkov N. A. first secretary of the Belgorod district party committee.

Surkov is talking to machine operators on the field.

Panorama of the poultry farm.

Shots with chickens, chickens.

Chairman Gorin speaks.

Panorama of a wheat field.

The road, the field, the buildings of the poultry farm are visible.

A flock of sheep in a pen.

Says Surkov.

The buildings of the livestock plant.

Tractor pours feed to cows.

Shots with cows.

Trucks with cattle are coming.

Meeting in the office - the general plan.

Says Gorin.

New houses in the collective farm settlement.

The interior of the house of a family of collective farmers - a woman in the room sews on a sewing machine, a man dresses in another room, a boy in the living room does homework, a woman in the kitchen makes tea, a boy takes a bath.

The main street of the village, a two-story building, in front of it is a monument.

Construction site - there is a crane, a truck is passing.

Says Surkov.

The leaders are on the street, near the car, talking.

Key words

Animal husbandry, poultry farm, combine harvester, cowshed, pig farm, combine

Locations: Rostov region [798] Belgorod region [770]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Rural landscape - river, mountains in the distance, fog.

Flying over fields, forests, over the territory of the plant (taken from a helicopter).

Livestock factory - buildings.


A worker at the machine "mechanical cow", calves drink milk.

The territory of the combine, cows, there is a group of workers.

Specialists in the pen with piglets, inspect the animals.

A worker in the laboratory, looking through a microscope.

The control center is a man at the console, looking at the monitors.

Manure processing complex.

In the frame, M. I. Kholmsky, chairman of the Dimitrov Collective Farm.

Moldavia, the river, the cable car with trailers, on the other bank the buildings of the plant are visible.

The territory of the plant.

Construction of plant buildings.

The building of the Design Institute (large - a sign on the building).

The design bureau, the staff work behind the coulmans.

Says the chairman of the Council of Collective Farms of Moldova, N. M. Zaichenko Meadow, haystacks, in the distance you can see the river.

Moldovan landscape.

Meeting of the district Council of collective farms.

Inter-collective farm Association for fodder production.

In the workshops of the association there are various production processes for processing and production of feed.

An employee of the laboratory does tests and studies.

Workshop for growing nutritious chlorella algae.

The territory of the complex.

Field, harvesting equipment is working.

The combine at the wheel.

Large - processed feed.

Tomatoes are loaded into the car.

Large - tomatoes in the back of a truck.

Picking apples in the collective farm garden.

Irrigation complex.

Flying over fields, irrigation systems are working.

Flying over a field with fruit trees.

There is a large pump-well in the form of a stork on the field.

Men take out a bucket of water from the well.

Trucks are driving along the highway.

Airfield, there is a plane, loading is underway.

The plane takes off.

Panorama of the livestock complex (taken from above).

Construction of new buildings.

Estonia - construction of a multi-storey pigsty.

An irrigation system is working on the field.

Personnel with different complexes in different cities and republics of the USSR. Excavators work in the quarry.

Panorama of the buildings of the metallurgical plant.

Production processes in the workshops of the plant, the faces of the workers.

City streets, modern houses, new buildings, etc.

Key words

Combine, animal husbandry, combine harvester, pig farm, cowshed

Locations: Moldova [145] Estonia [70]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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