Volcano creates (1981)

Documentary №40976, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:07
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:A. Morozov
Screenwriters:R. Solodovnikov
Camera operators:B. Shapiro, A. Kochusov
Sound mixer:A. Gromov
Other authors:L. Eglit


The film tells about three types of minerals formed under the influence of volcanic heat-perlite, brucite and porcelain stone.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The process of a volcanic eruption.

Steam from cracks on the slope of the volcano.

Panorama of the area, an underground spring.

Waterfalls and geysers.

Minerals formed under the influence of volcanic heat.

The face of geologist V. P. Petrov, mineral samples on the table.

Petrov talks about the role of the development of technology in the discovery and extraction of minerals, about the development of the extraction of non-metallic minerals, talks about minerals that have become minerals, about zeolites necessary for the chemical industry, about the properties of zeolite (synchronously).

The zeolite is in Petrov's hands.

Geological map of Primorye, made from various minerals of the region.

Landscapes of Kamchatka and the Far East.

Types of construction of residential buildings in one of the high-seismic areas.

Lifting of concrete sections to the upper floors of a house under construction.

Samples of a mineral-perlite.

Panorama of the area, view of the awakened volcano, volcanologists are walking in the direction of the volcano.

Volcanic eruption, clouds of smoke erupt from the crater.

Scientists inspect the area, make a map.

The transformation of lava into Obsidian (animation).

Perlite, which obsidian turned into under the action of hydrothermal solutions.

Geologists show on the map created by them the places of probable industrial deposits of perlite on the territory of Siberia and the Far East.

Investigation of the properties of perlite in the laboratory.

An increase in the volume of perlite when heated in 2000 degrees.

Transportation of perlite by road and rail.

Crushed perlite is poured out of the bucket.

The oven rotates to heat the perlite.

The process of heating perlite.

Production of thermal insulation boards from expanded perlite.

Bags with perlite for water filtration.

Heating of perlite.

Construction of a house from ready-made blocks of perlite concrete.

View of a residential quarter in Kamchatka, built of perlite concrete.

Panorama of a residential area and a cargo port (from above).

View of an extinct volcano.

Far Eastern landscape.

Fragments of a mosaic made of brucite.

View of an extinct volcano.

The process of brucite formation (animation).

An excavator for the extraction of brucite by a quarry method.

Unloading of brucite, the use of brucite in the chemical and pulp and paper industry (combined survey).

The process of converting brucite into fused magnesia by melting it in special furnaces.

Examples of the use of fused magnesia in various industries (combined shooting).


Petrov Valerij Petrovich -- geologist, mineralogist, petrograph

Calendar: 1981

Seasons: Spring [825] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Extraction of brucite by a quarry method.

The train with brusite is on its way to the Urals.

A meeting of geologists dedicated to the topic of processing brucite near the place of its extraction, the persons of the participants of the meeting.

The scheme of complex use of brucite.

Extraction of brucite by a quarry method.

Types of quarters of one of the Far Eastern cities, people on the streets of the city.

A store that sells porcelain and faience products.

Customers in the trading floor choose dishes.

The vase is split into three components of porcelain (animation).

A freight train passes by.

A geological expedition to search for deposits of raw materials for the manufacture of porcelain products is on the way.

Taking soil samples.

Petrov V. P. at the table in his office.

Part of the text of the report on the discovery of a porcelain stone.

Investigation of the properties and conditions of the formation of porcelain stone in the laboratory.

Panorama and views of the valley with geothermal waters rising from the ground.

Members of the expedition for the search for samples.

The scheme of the formation of porcelain (animation).

Members of the expedition extract samples of porcelain stone.

Part of the production process for the production of porcelain stone tableware.

Ready-made dishes on the conveyor belt.

The faces of the workers.

Painting of porcelain vases in an art workshop, samples of dishes made of porcelain stone.

Painted vases and coffee sets.

Types of active volcanoes.

The geologist at the geyser makes notes in a notebook.

Panorama of a part of the valley with geothermal waters.

Panorama of the bay, view of the volcano.


Petrov Valerij Petrovich -- geologist, mineralogist, petrograph

Calendar: 1981

Locations: Khabarovsk Krai [766] Primorsky Krai [764]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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