Severe memory. (1963)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I. Persidskij

Script writers: I.Persidskij, K.Semenov

Operators: I. Persidskij

Composers: E.Hagagortyan

Other authors: Tekst-S. S. Smirnov

Reel №1

A film about the fate of the Soviet people, former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps: Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald and other.

Former prisoners: tractor Nazarov, N. Pysin pilot, doctor FV Wroblewski, writer SP Zlobin, working AA Sarapkin, L. Fifth pilot Kuznetsov after the war in the workplace.

Sachsenhausen concentration camp. L. Fifth, AA Sarapkin, German communists Z. Hahn, K. Shvottser camp in the museum.

Meeting former prisoner pilot Kuznetsov with the Poles who helped him during the war: J. Dombrowski, L. and T. Shpruhi K. Griklyaksom, Logs-Sovinskim, Moczar in the city of

Lodz, Warsaw.

Newsreel: the destruction and rebuilding of Warsaw.

Shells exploding.

Burning the village.

Corpses of children.

German soldiers steal civilians.

Thorny fences of concentration camps, prisoners are held.

SS men with dogs.

Experimental blocks.

Banks with gas, poison syringes.

Kuznetsov meeting with the pilot, a former prisoner at Sachsenhausen M. Devyataeva, organized an escape from the camp on the German plane. M. Devyatayev after the war-captain, "Meteora" floats on the river Volga.

Portraits of the dead prisoners of concentration camps: Moabit, Mauthausen and other.

Graveyard of dead prisoners.

West Berlin.

Marching soldiers.

Buchenwald Memorial.

Former prisoners at the site where E. Thalmann.

Manifetatsiya former concentration camp inmates.

Key words

World War II. Poland. West Germany. City. World War II. Poland. West Germany. City.