Great Ural Mountains 1994 № 7

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Special Issue on the 70th anniversary of Academician VP Makeyev, chief designer of rocket systems.

Figures of science

Reel №1

Natural landscapes.

The water near the shore is a man.

Leaves on water.

The branch of a birch.

Boy launches home-made rockets.

Personnel news: the launch of space rockets.

Portrait of VP Makeyev.

Miass Streets.

Grapes rowan.

The plate with the name of the street.

Monument VP Makeyev.

Tells V.L.Kleyman.

Chronicle of 1960:

V.P.Makeev at a meeting with colleagues.

Exit missile silos.

V.P.Makeev gives interviews.

Experts are working on the assembly of missiles.

V.P.Makeev sign documents.

Tells N.A.Semihatov.

Chronicle of 1960:

Loading missiles, preparation for transport.

V.P.Makeev talking to a colleague.

Photos on the walls of the cabinet.

Tells V.K.Svistunov.

Chronicle of 1960:

The submarine on the ocean surface.


The view from the tower of the submarine on the bow.

V.P.Makeev watching the launch.

The launch.

Atlas of the Oceans, the layout of the submarine, uniform cap and garrison cap on the table.


Tells I.I.Velichko.

Footage launch missiles at the TV screen.


The layouts of submarines and missiles.

The development of home appliances in the KB, a demonstration of the instrument.

Information stand.

Tells V.L.Kleyman.

Experts on the assembly equipment.

Lifting load up the shaft.

Grapes rowan.

People on the streets of the city.

Tells N.A.Semihatov.

Rally at the home of the scientist on his birthday.

Students holding flowers.

The first school bell.

Lake View.

Children are launching a missile on the beach.

Rockets dropped by parachute.


VP Makeev - General Designer of the Soviet Union in the field of rocketry, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, twice Hero of Socialist Labor. Kleiman VL - Soviet scientist and designer in the field of rocketry, Hero of Socialist Labor. Semikhatov NA - Soviet design engineer, doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR. Velichko II - Soviet engineer-designer of space-rocket systems, general designer of the State Rocket Center Makeyev.






Autumn [826]

Space programs; Space troops and air defense; Anniversaries