Maintenance of bulldozers on the basis of tractor T-130 (1979)

Documentary №41148, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:40


The film analyzes in detail the operational maintenance of bulldozers based on T 130 tractors, depending on the service life.

Reel №1

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A bulldozer comes out of the forest.

A bulldozer with a ripper DZ116A of the Chelyabinsk Road Machinery Plant.

This bulldozer has a powerful blade with hydraulic skew, a reliable 160 hp engine, ripping equipment.

A bulldozer moves rocks.

Daily maintenance.

First of all, during an external inspection of the bulldozer, the completeness of the assemblies and parts, the tightness of the hydraulic drive are checked, the bolted connections of the support frame, the trailing ripper earring, the pushing bars of the trolley are tightened.

It is necessary to check the oil level in the engine, the level of working fluid in the hydraulic system tank, the water level in the radiator.

If you need to refuel.

The ATU AM4822 maintenance unit helps in this.

The level of diesel fuel is checked in the tank of the main engine, the fuel mixture is prepared and topped up in the tank of the starting unit.

After 60 hours of operation, maintenance No. 1 is carried out.

Before that, it is necessary to carry out all operations of daily maintenance, clean and wash the bulldozer.

Then inspect the welds of the pushing bars of the cart, the blade of the bulldozer, the ripper.

Cracks noticed in the seams must be brewed.

The sludge from the fuel coarse filter and fuel tank is drained.

The bulldozer blade, the pushing bars of the trolley, thrust bearings in the side clutches, the ripper, the clutch actuation bearing, the bearings of the truck's foot braces are lubricated.

After 240 hours of operation, maintenance No. 2 is carried out.

Maintenance and technical No. 1 is pre-performed every shift.

Then the condition of all the fingers of the articulated joints of the bulldozer and the ripper is checked.

Sludge is drained from the filter of the sump of the starting unit, the fuel fine filter, the clutch casing, the dry compartments of the side clutches.

The oil in the crankcase of the engine, the fuel pump housing is replaced.

An oil centrifuge is removed from the tractor engine, disassembled and washed in diesel fuel.

The coarse fuel filters, the engine breather, the turbocharger oil filter, and the gearbox filter are also washed.

The paper-filtering elements of the air purifier should be purged with compressed air or replaced with new ones.

The filter elements of the starter motor are washed and thoroughly wrung out.

The tightness of the connections of the air pipelines is checked.

Key words

A bulldozer.


Chelyabinsk plant of road machines.

Reel №2

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The serviceability of electrical wiring and contacts is checked.

Tighten the starter mounting bolts.

Eliminate contamination from batteries.

Clean the holes in the ventilation plugs.

The electrolyte level is measured and, if necessary, distilled water and other operations are added.

Bearings of tension wheels, supporting and supporting rollers, ring bearings of semi-axes and ball bearings of hydraulic cylinders are filled with oil.

After 960 hours of work in stationary workshops, maintenance No. 3 is carried out.

The bulldozer is transported on a car platform to the workshops.

At the beginning, the daily shift and maintenance services No. 1 and No. 2 are carried out in full.

After that, the oil is changed in the gearbox of the starting unit, in the on-board gearbox housing, in the hydraulic system tank, in the gearbox and the bevel gear compartment.

Mesh filters, hydraulic system filter, hydraulic tank breather, gearbox breather and other parts are washed.

The density of the electrolyte is checked.

The starter is removed and checked.

The working pressure in the nozzle is checked.

The turbocharger is removed from the engine. it is disassembled and thoroughly washed.

The axial play of the rotor is checked.

During maintenance, the clutch of the main engine is adjusted according to the need, the free movement of the lever of the tractor control mechanism is adjusted, the tension of the tracks is checked.

The tension of the generator drive belt and the main engine fan drive belt is also checked and adjusted.

It is removed from the magneto engine and checked.

The filter elements of the fuel fine filter must be replaced with new ones.

The maximum pressure in the hydraulic system is checked.

The carburetor is removed from the engine and washed.

During seasonal maintenance, water is drained from the cooling system.

The system is flushed and antifreeze is poured into it.

The steam-air valve is being cleaned.

The bulldozer leaves the workshop.

A bulldozer is working in a quarry.

Key words

A bulldozer.

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