Traumatic situation with core drilling (1985)

Documentary №41165, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:27
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Lamberg


The film demostrates the typical situations in core drilling that entail injuries leading to dangerous consequences which may often be fatal.

Reel №1

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Drilling of exploration wells.

Samples of equipment.

Classes and safety instructions.

Visual safety materials.

Winter road, a car with a drilling device is driving along the road.

The power line.

The operation of mobile drilling rigs near the power line is associated with increased danger to human life.

It is necessary to choose the correct location of the installation and equip it with a dangerous voltage alarm.

The device notifies workers about the danger.

An act of investigation of an accident with workers when an electric current is discharged onto the mast of a drilling rig.

The workers died.

Causes of the accident.

There was no serviceable dangerous voltage alarm on the drilling rig.

The master examines the scheme of drilling profiles on the ground.

Security zone of the power line.

Violation of safety rules during installation work is the cause of many traumatic situations.

It is impossible to be under a working installer, the parts that the installer is working with may fall down.

A helmet and a safety belt will protect you from injury.

Before lifting the tower, it is necessary to make sure that the installation is correct, the mounting of the base plates is reliable, and the equipment is in good working order.

It is necessary to assemble the tool and the remaining parts of the fasteners.

Lifting the tower.

The safety regulations provide for the distance to which you can approach the tower during the ascent.

The most common violation is being in a dangerous area.

Work on the drilling rig.

The analysis of injuries during core drilling shows that the main causes of accidents are the use of prohibited methods of labor, the operation of faulty equipment, the lack of proper discipline in the workplace.

The inconsistency of the actions of the drilling foreman and the members of the watch creates traumatic situations.

Accident report.

Description of the safety violation in this case.

If the pump on the drilling rig has not been pressed in accordance with safety requirements, excess pressure in the discharge line creates a traumatic situation.

A hose torn off by high pressure can injure workers on the drilling rig.

It is impossible to work with an unprotected spindle.

Type of fence.

The cause of injury may also be a leaking flushing gland.

Key words

Safety precautions.

Reel №2

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A particular danger is fraught with violation of the rules of maintenance of electrical equipment.

A bug instead of a fuse is a direct way to an accident.

Connection of a cable without a tip.

The absence of a rubber mat or a dielectric stand in front of the shield is life-threatening.

The absence of grounding of the electric motor is a direct violation of safety regulations.

Violation of the insulation of wires, an open box with contacts - all these are also violations.

The act of a special accident investigation.

During the measurement of the upper part of the working tube, the worker's clothes were captured by the rotating working tube, the worker was seriously injured.

The main cause of injury is working without turning off the machine rotator.

It is necessary to monitor the talus block during the candle lifting.

Otherwise, if the limiter fails to re-lift the projectile, an accident may occur.

It is necessary to monitor the serviceability of the lifting mechanism and the hoisting system.

It is necessary to control the wear of the cables in the system.

Cases of self-injury.

When removing the core, it is necessary to hang the core pipe at a safe distance from the floor.

During descent operations, work in a high-risk area is prohibited.

The act of a special accident investigation.

The reason is the use by the driller of dangerous methods of work during descent operations.

Working conditions without injury during core drilling.

Key words

Safety precautions.

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