The sons of Gesar (1991)

Film №41192, 4 parts, duration: 0:39:06
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio


The film tells about the challenges and achievements in the development of remote regions of Siberia.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The man in national costume singing a song.


The garden, the rain.

Wind uplifts the dust on the road people go.

View of the hill.

Shepherd with a lamb in a field.


Panorama Siberian lakes.

Stella-pointer at the entrance to the Osa region.

Map of the area.

Archaeological excavations on the banks of the river.

Found lying on the sand.

People come to the house-museum in the village of ethnographer M.N.Hangalova Bilchir.

Portrait M.N.Hangalova.

Photography and books on the table.

Children reading the book.

Book M.N.Hangalova of Buryatia.

The drawings in the book.

The photo.


Secondary school named M.N.Hangalova.

Alternation: natural landscapes, illustrations of legends about Abai Geser.

He tells ethnographer G.N.Bogdanov.

Mountain Udoktay.


Historic saddle and stirrups.

Household items and clothing.

Photos and artifacts on the museum wall.

rivers and fields Panorama.

Riders on horseback.

Mountain view.

Cartage and freight on the village street.

The flag on the roof of the administrative building.

The stone and wooden houses.

Alternation: G.N.Bogdanov said, the documents page.


Dump Bulk grain.


Women feed the pigs.

Women walk along the paddock.

Identity of the Hero of Socialist Labor.

Pig Says A.Ya.


Awards. A.Ya.


Locations: Irkutsk region [777]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The milkmaid connects the machine milking machine.

A herd of cows.

Says E. S. Timachkova, a child is sitting on a woman's lap.

The herd is grazing in a field.

Zootechnik L. I. Dzhugashvili measures cows, a man records measurements.

Cow at the trough.

A woman strokes a cow.

Tells L. I. Dzhugashvili.

Flowers on the window.

L. I. Dzhugashvili.

The woman opens the logbook.

L. I. Dzhugashvili in the laboratory.

Integrated team of the collective farm "Siberia".

Says Brigadier A.M. Akhmetchin.

The milkmaid rubs the cow's udder.

Collective farmers inspect the crops.


A. M. Akhmetchin.

Riders in the field.

Residents sit on the rubble.

Certificate of the Hero of Socialist Labor.

An elderly woman.

Veteran I. V. Bashinov with his grandchildren.

Passing district Chess Cup.

A. N. Petchinov comes out of the gate and walks down the street.

View of the field from behind the fence.

A. N. Petchinov grazes the flock of the state farm "Uleiskiy".

Farm of the state farm "Ust-Aldansky".

Milkmaid N. N. Ignatieva.

The cow eats from the feeder.

Milkmaids milk cows.

Cows at the feeders in the paddock.

Teenagers in a computer science class.

Honored Teacher of the RSFSR V. P. Irintseeva (Yakovleva) with her family, people look at photo albums.


Harvesting potatoes.

The dump truck enters the platform in reverse.

Grain dump.

Says the chairman of the Osinsky district executive Committee Yu. B. Borkhoev.

Polyscreen: the borders of the Osinsky district on the background of a hill, collective farm fields, the influence of the Bratsk reservoir.

Logs in the water near the shore.

Water spill.

Garbage on the beach.

Consequences of land flooding.

Yu. B. Borkhoev.

Loading grain into a truck.

Locations: Irkutsk region [777]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Tipper unloads feed.

Collective farm "60 Years of October", machine operators are engaged in debugging technology.

Head Yu.A.Ilin tenants.

Summer sowing works Yu.A.Ilina link.

The collective farm named after Karl Marx, the man fills the water trough.

Brigadier I.S.Phalmatov.

Calves from the drinkers.

Calves are walking in the paddock.

Calf feeding, mechanized distribution of grass.


Falling asleep in the grain drill.

Planting in the field.

Flock farm "Uleyskiy".

Shepherd customize straying from the flock of sheep.

Chairman of the cooperative "pastoralists" A.A.Tormaev.

Sheep in the paddock.


Master hones shearing machine.

Shorn sheep.

Falling asleep in the grain drill.

Sowing forage under the snow.

Construction of housing for the herders.

In the yard hanging coat.

Sewing workshop in the village of Novo-Lenino.

Short fur coat ventilated outside.

Harvesting in the collective farm named after Kuibyshev, working link N.N.Zarodova.


Machine operators have lunch in the field.

Kolkhoz Kirov, Buryat village-Yanguty.

Buryat holiday Surkharban stadium.

Alternation: fragments of the pageant, the audience in the stands.

Folk dance.

Parade participants in sports.


Buryat national struggle.

Congratulations to the winner.

The winner is awarded a prize sheep.

Racing riding bareback.

Trotting races.

Locations: Irkutsk region [777]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The spectators in the stands.

Trotter on the far side of the circle.

The winners of the competition.

Tatar holiday Sabantuy in the village of Uley, the opening ceremony.

Men set banner.


Horse relay.

Tug of war.

Children's competitions.

Member of the horse relay.

Speech folk ensemble.

Construction of the House of Culture at the farm "Ust-Aldan".

Man and woman are on site.

DK farm "Siberia", passing by the car.

Rehearsal for the ensemble.

People in the reading room.

V.I.Sirin Chairman of the collective farm.


The artist from the village of Novo-Olenino K.Sabirov.

The picture on the background of the river. K.Sabirov and an elderly man in the field.

River View.

Timber on a country road.

The loaded barge forest.

Loading timber.

Says the director of the Forestry Administration V.V.Kurmanevich Osa.

Panorama taiga.

Work on logging.

River view from a helicopter.


Processing of wood in a lumber mill.

Alternating: the environmental consequences of a negligent attitude towards the forest, he tells Yu.B.Borheev.

Dust storm.

Alternation: rural landscapes, folk ensemble performance in the field.

Machinery for the village street.

The kindergarten "Teremok".

Students play volleyball.

Says deputy O.B.Batorov.

Children are playing football.

A view of the camp houses.

The monument to Vladimir Lenin in front of the administrative building. O.B.Batorov.

Locations: Irkutsk region [777]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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