Ural Cheka. Pages of History (1988)

Documentary №41229, 5 parts, duration: 0:44:14
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:L. Efimov
Camera operators:G. Majer, V. Sumin


The film gives information on the work of checkists in the Urals in the years of the Civil War, unmasking of numerous counter-revolution conspiracies, the transfer of the Tsar's family from Tobolsk to Yekaterinburg and the search for the royal treasures.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Portrait VI Lenin

Photos: chley Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR first composition in 1918.

FE Dzerzhinsky in a group of executives of the Cheka.

Dzerzhinsky sits in the car.

Icon with the emblem of the Cheka.

Caricature of Lenin, sweeps out the counter-revolution.

Newsreel of 1918-1919: German troops marching through the streets of Kiev.

Armored train "General Kornilov."

The inscription "In Moscow" on the wall of armored car.

Gunners on broneploschadke White Guard armored train.

Panorama burning train station.

Photo Lenin at his desk.

The text of the decree "The Socialist Fatherland is in danger!".

Icon with the emblem of the Cheka, it appears sword.

Portrait of Dzerzhinsky.

Photos of 1918: the train stops at a station in Yekaterinburg.

The building of the American Hotel, which housed the Urals Cheka.

Portraits of Ephraim, MI - The first chairman of the Urals Cheka.

Photo street in Ufa.

Portrait AF Kerensky 1908.

View of the hall of the Ufa court.

Doors of prison cells.

Photos: warden looks into the peephole.

Prisoners in the chamber.

The corpses of executed shot from the gallows.

Prisoners behind bars.

Panorama of a country road.

Photography equipment underground press.

Interior view of a prison cell.

Photos: prisoners released from the penitentiary in March 1917.

Station in Yekaterinburg.

Demonstration in the streets of the city.

General view Chernousovskoy weaving factory.

Portrait of Ephraim, MI Portrait deputy Ephraim - Hohriakova PD The building of the American Hotel.

Powered telegraph.

Ticker-tape slips on the floor.

Newsreel, 1918: floating foreign warships.

Soldiers descend on the ship.

On the road passing military convoy.

Red Army are on the platform past the station.

Admiral Kolchak AV on the deck of a warship.

Map of Russia and places of rebellion Czechoslovak Corps.

Photo of the train station in Chelyabinsk.

Newsreel, 1918: Soldiers calculation searchlight installation of the White Army.

Solemn meeting of generals.

Pipes buglers.

Cossacks marching on foot.

Religious procession in a busy city white.

Priests begin to serve thanksgiving.

Officer baptized.

The soldiers lifted the attack.

Shot gun.

The explosions of shells.

Burning houses.

Photos of White Guard terror victims.

Church bells.


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - statesman and political figure Felix Dzerzhinsky - statesman and political figure Mikhail Efremov - a revolutionary activist, security officer Khokhryakov Paul Kuchma - revolutionary leader

Calendar: 1918-1919

Locations: Yekaterinburg [886] Kiev [933]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of 1919-1920: the red artillery passing on the street of Kiev.

The machine-gunners are on the street of Kiev.

Team Red armored train runs were engaged in combat positions.

Armored train starts to move.

Photo AF Kerensky in the office.

The newspaper "Siberian sheet" with notes about the administration of Nicholas II in Tobolsk.

View of the Tobolsk with the Tobol River.

A newspaper article about the arrival of the royal family to Tobolsk.

Photos kinds of Tobolsk in 1918.

Photo of the royal family.

Photo of the guard guarding the royal family.

Photos: Types of Tobolsk river port, the schooner "Holy Mary".

Map of the province of Tobolsk.

Schooner "Holy Mary".

Warship on the roads.

Portrait of Lieutenant Solovyov B --law Rasputin.

Portrait of Countess A. Vyrubova Photos kinds of Tobolsk.

Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna.

Portrait of Bishop Hermogenes.

Photos station in Tyumen.

Photos kinds of Tyumen.

Portrait of Prince Lvov GE - Former Prime Minister of the Provisional Government.

A newspaper article about the arrest of Prince Lvov.

Investigative file Prince Lvov.

Portrait of Prince Lvov.

Photos of the meetings of the Provisional Government in 1917.

Stairs inside the building, which housed the Urals Cheka.

Interior view of one of the cabinets.

Photo Ephraim and Prince Lvov.

Portrait Goloshekin FI Portrait Chutskaeva.

Portrait of Ephraim.

The text of the Commission of Inquiry.

Case Cover Prince Lvov.

Types of Yekaterinburg in 1918.

Photo Uralsoveta members headed by AG Beloborodov Portrait of JM Sverdlov Photo street in Tobolsk.

Photo leaders Tobolsk Province headed by the Commissioner of the Provisional Government Pignatti.

Photo of the Tobolsk.

Photo of Nicholas II guarded by soldiers in Tsarskoye Selo in 1917.

The newspaper "Siberian leaf".

Photos Hohriakova PD Portrait Avdeev - Assistant Hohriakova.

Group photo of soldiers Red Guard units Avdeev.

Map of Tobolsk province with finding the locations of the Cheka.

Portrait Hohriakova.

Governor's house in Tobolsk, which contained the royal family.

Photos: Street in the working area of Tobolsk, shop weaving factory.

Photo of the building, where in 1918 was placed Tobolsk advice.

The plaque on the building of the Council.


Alexander F. Kerensky - statesman and political figure Nicholas II - Emperor of Russia Lviv George E. - statesman and political figure Mikhail Efremov - a revolutionary activist, security officer Khokhryakov Paul Kuchma - a revolutionary activist, security officer Goloshchekin Phillip Marshak - a revolutionary and political leader Chutskaev Sergey Ye - statesman and political figure Yakov Sverdlov - statesman and political figure Beloborodov Alexander G. - statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1918-1920

Locations: Kiev [933] Tobolsk [901]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Texts flyers and announcements made by the Cheka.

The Monastery Tobolsk.

Portrait of Bishop Hermogenes, arrested by the KGB. The announcement of the death of Bishop Hermogenes in the newspaper "Siberian leaf".

Photo Red Latvian cavalry station Goroblagodatsky in 1918.

Portrait of JM Sverdlov in the office.

Commissioner Vladimir Yakovlev sent Sverdlov to Tobolsk.

Photo mounted detachment of the Cheka.

Portrait of a detachment commander Chudinova.

Photos of the Tobolsk district governor's house.

Portraits of the royal family.

Steam locomotive on rails.

Newsreel: The smoke from the locomotive pipe.

Locomotive is on rails.

The driver looks out of the cab.

The wheels of the locomotive.

The smoke from the chimney.

Article in the newspaper about the transfer of the royal family in Yekaterinburg.

Painting of a meeting of the royal family members Uralsoveta in Yekaterinburg.

Newsreel, 1913: people welcome the royal family during the celebrations in honor of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov House.

Photos: revolutionary soldiers in 1917.

Children at the wreckage of the monument to Alexander III. Detail of the monument.

The text of a news story about the visit of Nicholas II in Yekaterinburg.

Photos: Ipatiev house.

Nicholas II and Gilliard P. sawing wood.

Photos: meetings in Yekaterinburg.

Uralsoveta members.

The royal family.

Portrait YM Yurovsky, who led the execution of the imperial family.

Engraving with views of Ekaterinburg to the house Ipatiev.

Photo Ipatiev house, fenced.

Newsreel of 1918-1920: hand holding the handset.

People dismantled rifle out of the box.

People get a rifle.

The sailors loaded ammunition on the railway platform.

Poster on the wall.

The commander sends a signal to send military echelon.

Passing train.

Soldiers and sailors in the car.

Echelon passes through the station.

Cavalry saddle horses.

Red cavalry attacked the railway station.

US warship in Arkhangelsk.

Game footage of their film "The defeat of Yudenich": a division of the White Army in the campaign.

Newsreel: tank passes through the trench.

The cavalry rides in the attack.

The newspaper notes with implausible messages.

Fire in the sky rising smoke.

Portrait of the German Ambassador Mirbach.

Portrait of a killer Mirbach - Bliumkin.

Bliumkin fake ID.

Portrait of M. Spiridonova

Newsreel, 1918: Leaders of the Left SRs Spiridonov and Karelin under arrest.

Boris Savinkov standing on the porch of the house.

Cover the investigation file All-Russian military monarchical union.

Photos of the defendants.

Newsreel, 1918: banner with the inscription: "Death to the Council of Deputies."

Photos executions KGB Whites.

Newsreel: the shooting.

Body shot in the pit.


Yakov Sverdlov - statesman and political figure Nicholas II - Emperor of Russia Yakov Yurovsky (Yankel Haimovich) - party and state leaders, security officer Blyumkin Yakov - a revolutionary and statesman, security officer Maria A. Spiridonov - a revolutionary and political leader Karelin Vladimir - a revolutionary and political leader

Calendar: 1913-1920

Locations: Moscow [820] Tobolsk [901] Arkhangelsk St. Petersburg [814]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of 1918-1919: the corpses of executed people Whites.

Photos of 1918: Volodarsky VV behind a desk.

Volodarsky in the coffin.

Portrait of Chairman of the Petrograd Cheka Uritsky MS Uritzky in a coffin.

The newspaper "Izvestia" reported on the attempt on Lenin.

Portrait eserki F. Kaplan Photo: Lenin for the first time after being injured preside at the meeting of the Council of People's Commissars.

Dzerzhinsky stands on the desk.

Newsreel of 1918-1922: a rally in support of the Red Terror.

Defendants are under escort to the courtroom.

Group photo of the Ekaterinburg Cheka.

Hand leafing through an album of photographs shot by the Cheka.

Newsreel of 1919-1920: a woman crying over the corpses of executed people Whites.

The boiler is broken engine.

Destroyed railway bridge.

The collapse of the locomotive.

Weakened by hunger people.

The corpses of people who died of hunger.

People remove the bodies from the cart and drop them into the pit.

People cross in front of the icon.

Lying in the manger horse collars.

The head of the dying horse.

People plow the land with the help of the tank.

The emblem of the Cheka letters changed to the GPU.

Photo Dzerzhinsky in office.

Newsreel beginning of the 1920s: people homeless.

Kids get bread.

Hands sift grain.

People unload train loaded with grain.

Passing through the station train, sitting on the roofs of cars profiteers.

Dzerzhinsky speaking at the meeting.

Teens suited to the bench with bench screw.

Dzerzhinsky speaking at the meeting.

Teens workpiece clamped in a vise.

Boys gymnastics.

People are digging with shovels pit.

People roll the logs.

Passing trains.

Construction of the plant.

Workers hammer on metal rivets.

Bank employees consider gold coins.

Coins are poured into the box.

The Monastery Tobolsk.

The text of the letters of the treasures of the royal family.

Church in Tobolsk.

Investigative file on the values of the Romanovs.

Portraits defendants in the case.

Photo of the governor's house in 1917.

Photo arrival of the royal family to Tobolsk.

Portrait of the king's valet Chemodurova.

Types of Ivanovo Monastery in Tobolsk.

Photo of the governor's house.

Photo of a woman standing at the grave crosses.

Detached house on the outskirts of Tobolsk.

The text of the interview record Uzhintsevoy.

Portrait of the Mother Superior of the monastery of Ivanovo Mary.

A woman stands at the grave crosses.

View of the old Tobolsk.

Street in Tobolsk.

Photo OGPU staff with shovels, standing at the door of the house.

The memo OGPU. Portrait of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the OGPU in the Urals Reshetova IF Portrait Head of Economic Department of the OGPU Samoilov PA

View through the prison bars of the building adjacent housing.

Sheets interrogation protocols Uzhintsevoy.

Prison wall with barred windows.

Key words



Volodarsky V. (Goldstein Moses Markovic) - a revolutionary figure and by state Uritzky Moses Solomonovich - statesman and political figure Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - statesman and political figure Felix Dzerzhinsky - statesman and political figure Rechetov Ivan - a revolutionary activist, security officer Peter A. Samoilov - security officer

Calendar: 1918-1922

Locations: Moscow [820] Tobolsk [901]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Transcript of interrogation of the former fishing producer Kornilov.

Wall ruined church.

Overgrown grass.

Irtysh River.

Plan the location of the treasure of the Romanovs.

Photo of security officers, seated next to the treasure extracted from the earth.

Portraits jewelers Zvereva DK, Borovskikh AP Diamond brooch from the treasure of the Romanovs.

Diamond crescent.

Women's buckle with diamonds.

Products from gold, icon frames, and other products from the treasure of the Romanovs.

Photo of the museum building in New York, which holds the values of Russia.

The museum's exhibits.

Newsreel 1929-1935 years: the construction of the plant.

Employees working on the construction of the OGPU.

She speaks at a rally.

People listen to the speaker.

Crawler tractor out in the field.

SM Kirov speaks at the 16 Congress of the CPSU (b).

People at the demonstration.

AI Egorov welcomes the demonstration.

People walk past the stands.

SM Budyonny, AI Egorov welcome demonstration.

People walk past the grandstand.

Face IV Stalin Red Army and Red shouting "Hurrah."

Stalin speaks.

Red Army and Red shouting "Hurrah."

Stalin congratulates the collective farm during a reception in the Kremlin Collective Farmers.

Woman applauds.

Petrovsky GI, MI Kalinin, VV Kuibyshev, Ordzhonikidze GK on the podium 17 Congress of the CPSU (b).

The congress delegates applauded.

Blucher VK, Gamarnik Ya and SM Budyonny talk during a break of the Congress.

SM Budyonny talks to IE Yakir and Tukhachevsky MN

Tukhachevsky face.

Talk Egorov and Blucher.

Blucher face.

Egorov, Tukhachevsky, Blucher in the military-delegates.

Group photo of the staff of the Cheka.

Marked with the logo of the OGPU NKVD, KGB portraits of the Urals, killed in the civil war and repression in the 1930s.

Sculpture in Sverdlovsk.

Tank on the pedestal at the gates of the Sverdlovsk military-political school.

MLRs "Katyusha" at the gates of the school.

The plane on a pedestal.

View of part of the plant "Uralmash".

The eternal flame at the monument to the Urals Cheka.


Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin - statesman and political figure Sergei Kirov Myronovych - statesman and political figure Grigory Petrovsky - statesman and political figure Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin - statesman and political figure Valerian Kuibyshev Vladimirovich - statesman and political figure Grigory Ordzhonikidze - statesman and political figure Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich - commander Egorov Alexander Ilyich - commander Blucher Vasily Konstantinovich - commander Iona Yakir Emmanuilovich - commander Tukhachevsky Mikhail Nikolayevich - commander Gamarnik Ian B. - military and party leader

Calendar: 1929-1935

Locations: Tobolsk [901] Moscow [820] Sverdlovsk [876]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824]

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