Lessons and technical creativity (1989)

Documentary №41237, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:50
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Durinov
Sound mixer:Brizgalov K., Suslov V.


The film tells about the advanced teaching experience of Mikhail Bazhin, a Perm teacher of latheworks.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Large - the machine works.

Teacher Mikhail Fedorovich Bazhin in the vocational school class, shows a worm screw that is fixed on the machine.

Vocational school students are sitting at their desks, Bazhin talks about various details, about the principles of the turner's work.

View of the classroom, students at their desks.

The face of the student.

The teacher with a pointer at the machine, shows different parts of the machine, asks questions.

Students pull their hands, answer.

Panorama of stands with different turning tools.

Bazhin asks questions, students pull their hands, answer.

Bazhin points with his pointer at the stands with tools.

Bazhin is in the classroom, takes out a box of tools, gives it to a student.

Two students lay out turning tools on desks in the classroom.

Bazhin writes the topic of the lesson on the blackboard.

Large - the hand puts an instrument on the desk.

A box of tools is placed on the table.

Students lay out tools on desks.

There are various details on the teacher's desk on a stand.

Textbooks are placed on the desks - "Turning".

Bazhin prepares for the lesson, prepares a special stand where parts and tools are installed.

Bazhin directs a special large mirror on the table so that students can see the reflection and begins the lesson.

The teacher tells and shows how to install the cutter correctly, asks questions.

The student answers the question.

Bazhin shows how to properly install the cutter on the machine, turns on the machine and begins to cut the part.

The general plan is a view of the classroom and the teacher at the machine.

Large - the machine works, metal chips fall off.

The faces of the students.

Students at their desks are pulling their hands.

The student answers.

Bazhin at the blackboard with a pointer, demonstrates a textbook.

Students at their desks, one student stands up and answers a question.

Bazhin pushes the board away, the screen is visible behind it.

View of the classroom, curtains are automatically drawn.

The lights go out in the classroom.

Large - the control panel, the hand switches the toggle switch.

The demonstration of the educational film begins.

Students at their desks.

The girl approaches the machine, shows the order of sharpening the incisors.

Large - hands with detail.

The students are at their desks, each has a set of incisors.

Bazhin is standing near the desks, asking questions about the incisors.

The faces of the students.

Bazhin is in the classroom, walking between desks, talking, asking questions.

The students show the selected incisors.

Students near Bazhin's table.

The general plan is students and Bazhin near the table, tools and parts are on the table (taken from above).

Bazhin checks his homework (models of incisors).

Large - Bazhin.

Close-up - the hand displays a rating of "5" on the model of the cutter.

Bazhin in class, at the teacher's desk, shows a detail (gear).

Bazhin displays a drawing of the gear on the screen.

The faces of the students.

Bazhin puts a transparent sheet with a drawing in the projector.

Close-up - the hand presses the buttons on the control panel.

The projector is working, the drawing is visible on the screen.

Students at their desks.

The student stands up, answers the question, a panorama of the teacher with a detail in his hands.

Key words

Vocational school, turner, machine, lesson, turning tools

Locations: Perm [887]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Vocational school, students in the classroom.

Teacher Bazhin at the blackboard.

Panorama of the classroom, students at their desks.

The teacher asks questions near a special simulator, the student answers, enters data on the simulator.

Students at their desks.

Bazhinn is near the teacher's desk, explaining the task to the students (you need to calculate the cutting force).

Students at their desks.

Bazhin distributes task cards.

Panorama of desks with students doing test work.

Bazhin helps students, answers questions, explains incomprehensible points.

Large - a box with details, it says "Theme Nr.5 - hole processing".

Panorama of drills, tools, parts.

Shelves with tools are pulled out.

Bazhin opens the cabinet and demonstrates the tools.

Drawers, shelves with textbooks.

An open shelf in the closet - prominent books, catalogs, etc.

Stands with various technical information.

A projector for showing filmstrips, shelves with filmstrips.

There are tin boxes with educational films on the shelves.

A movie projector is working.

Says Bazhin.

Large - a folder opens, it contains materials for lessons.

Says Bazhin.

Bazhin is in class, showing a ball with a cube inside, students are standing around him.

The faces of the students.

Bazhin tells, demonstrates a ball with a cube, the students listen to him.

The faces of the students.

Bazhin is in the shop, near the machine, there are students nearby.

Bazhin asks questions about the installation of the indicator on the lathe, the students offer different options.

Bazhin is in the classroom at the table, helping a student with a drawing.

Vocational school students in the workshop, working at the lathe.

Large-working lathe.

The student collects the finished part to install the indicator on the machine.

The faces of the students.

Bazhin looks at the finished part, installs it on the machine, starts working on the machine.

Large - working indicator.

The faces of the students.

A student works on a lathe.

Krupno - Bazhin checks term papers, looks at drawings, gives grades.

Large - the cover of the "Thesis", a panorama of books, a hand writes in a sheet with exam assignments.

A student is writing an exam paper.

Students at their desks at the exam.

Different frames - students draw drawings, make calculations, count on a calculator, record data, and so on.

Says Bazhin.

The examination board, the student answers.

Students in the classroom at their desks.

The student answers the questions of the examination committee.

Says the director of vocational school No.1 of the city of Perm Alexey Aleksandrovich Akimov.

Bazhin with a detail in his hands, tells something, photographs of his students are shown on the backgrounds.

Stairs in the vocational school building, students are walking.

Key words

Vocational school, lathe, lesson, exam

Locations: Perm [887]

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