Bread and Moon. (1980)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Efimov L.

Script writers: Rappoport A.

Operators: Goloschapov V.


The film tells the life story and describes the works of Yuri Kondratyuk, one of the Soviet founders of astronautics.

Conquest of Space | Figures of science

Reel №1

Animation: drawings satellites and their trajectories relative to the Earth.

Photos and maps of the Moon.

The launch.

Magazine "Life".

Scientists watching the start of "Apollo 9".

Rocket flies.

Is photography and filming.

Trail of fire rockets in the sky.

Bust Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

Chatting with friends Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

M.Servantesa novel "Don Quixote."

Illustration in the book.

Photos of Poltava.

House Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

Photos: Yu.V.Kondratyuk in childhood.

Old books on the table.

B.Kellermana page novel "Tunnel".

Photo: Yu.V.Kondratyuk in his youth.

The street passing car.

Poltava gymnasium building.

Yu.V.Kondratyuka manuscript with drawings.

Photo Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

Krylovskaya station.

Freight train passes the station.

Elevator at the end of the field.

The plaque on the building of the station and the monument Yu.V.Kondratyuku.

Folk Museum Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

Yu.V.Kondratyuka portrait on the wall.

VPGlushko the table.

Photo Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

Photo V.P.Vetchinkina.

The newspaper "Evening Moscow".

Yu.V.Kondratyuka book.

Photo Head of the Siberian boundary office "Khleboprodukt" P.K.Gorchakova.

Rural landscape (shooting from the train).

Truck pulls up to the barn.

Types barn from different sides.

Elevator project Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

Key words



VPGlushko - scientific and technical expert, academician


Ukraine [229]

Reel №2

Elevator project Yu.V.Kondratyuka, inside view.

Photo Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

The patent for the bucket elevator-conveyor.

Broken buckets.

Book Yu.V.Kondratyuka "conquest of interplanetary space."

Photos Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

Figure in the book "Don Quixote."

Rocket GIRD-X in the museum.

Layouts satellites.

Moon in the clouds.

Animation: station "Luna-16" takes samples from the lunar surface.

Scientist selects the lunar soil for research.

Page book Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

Armchair astronaut.


Photo Yu.V.Kondratyuka.

Copy of the book autographed for Tsiolkovsky.

Photo Tsiolkovsky.

The wall of the elevator.

Chronicle 1941 .: Moscow militia receive oruzhie.prohodyat the streets of Moscow.

Photos and Yu.V.Kondratyuka O.N.Gorchakovoy.

Letter to O.N.Gorchakovoy.

Monument to those killed in World War II.

Figure in the book "Don Quixote."

Gallery of portraits of researchers astronautics.

Interview with VP Glushko (synchronously).

Scheme for construction of electric propulsion from the manuscript Yu.V.Kondratyuka "Those who will read to build" in the hall of the museum.

Chronicle 1961 .: SP Korolev.

Start a space rocket.

SP Korolev manages launch rockets into space.

Photo Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev.

Portrait Yu.V.Kondratyuka.


VP Glushko SP Korolev


1941 1961


Ukraine [229] USSR [863]