Computer and work on it. (1977)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
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Director: Meljnikov A.

Script writers: Zhitomirskij V.

Operators: Konstantinov V., Maksimov V., Fomichev N.


Description of the basic principles of the computer systems on the example of the car "Mir".

Science | Mathematics

Reel №1

The operator works on a computer.

Print results.

Dissolve: the signals on the remote, the use of computers in various industries.

Scientists at the blackboard.

Students in the classroom.

Dissolve: A look girl image computer.

Animation: the girl with textbooks and computers.

Looking girl.

The machine for engineering calculations of the "World."

The operator enters the data.

The machine prints the answer.

Animation: diagram of the computer.

The results of a computer on a punched tape.

Recording information on the magnetic card.

Printing machine.

Displays information on the display.

General view of the room.

The scheme of the computer.

Animation: the solution of equations.

The operator enters data into the computer.

The processing of the display information.

Print results.

Animation: the girl with textbooks and computers.

Animation: page textbook algorithmic language "analyst".

The keyboard is a typewriter.

Animation: Girl leafing through the pages of textbooks, the basic rules of recording in the programming language.

Key words

Computer Engineering. Computer science. Computers.

Reel №2

Animation: the solution of problems on computers.

Computer operator introduces the students with their work.

Correction of errors on the computer.

Print results.

Animation: the solution of quadratic equations.

Print results.

Graphics output on the screen.

Animation: the rules of charting (punctuated by drawing a graph on the display).

Students work with a computer.

Animation: Girl writing on the chalkboard formulas.

Printouts of computer solutions.

Photos computer.


The operator at work.

Training table.

Computer memory.

Pictures of various systems of computers.

Powered ES-1040. Animation: Computer says goodbye to the audience.

Key words

Computer Engineering. Computer science. Computers.