Soviet Ural Mountains № 9 (1980)

Newsreel №41494, 1 part, duration: 0:09:45
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Galjper E.
Camera operators:Avdeev S., Gorshkov V., Krugovih A., Lyaginskov R., Novikov M.


A selection of stories about the everyday life of the inhabitants of the winter in the Urals.

Reel №1

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1. February 24, 1980, elections to the Supreme Soviets of the Union and autonomous republics, the local councils of people's deputies.

Ufa, recreation center "Chemist".

Lamps on the ceiling.

General view of the hall.

Those voters.

The members of the election commission at the tables.

People dismantled documents.

Those workers and students.

Voters cast ballots in the ballot box.

People at the table for the vote.

Udmurtia, passers-by on the streets.

Polling station.

Election commission members give people documents is the vote.

Perm Region, the village of Lensk.

View of the village houses.

Villagers go to the polling station.

An article in the newspaper about candidates I.P.Kultysheve.

The members of the election commission in the workplace, a person passes by.

Those voters.

Alternation: people cast ballots in the ballot box, pioneer salute.

Election commission members give people documents.

People go to the polling station late in the evening.

Kozymsky farm.

On the tundra travel reindeer.

Herders camp.

The child is a young deer's collar.

Adults and children in the national winter clothes.

View of the camp from the top.

Helicopter landing.

Herders near the chum.

The helicopter landed.

Sled team carries the slogan.

Herders drove up to the place of voting.

People cast ballots in the ballot box, Commission staff notes the participants.

Residents of camps disagree on chumam.

Leaves reindeer.

Next to the wooden building is the bus.

The helicopter takes off, view of the camp and the taiga.

2. Sverdlovsk, Ural Scientific Research and Design Institute of the copper industry "Unipromed."

Engineers work in the design office.


Sketches to specifications.

Scientists are conducting experiments in the laboratory.

Powered recording equipment.

A man comes to the person typing.

Proceedings of the Institute.

Scientists are working with documents in the reading room of the Institute.

3. Perm Region, National breeding stud farm № 9. Winter landscape.

Horsemen riding through the woods.

Forest road running horse.

Herd winter roaming.

A herd of cows of black-motley breed.

M.I.Schepkova milkmaids and G.F.Likina go the barn.

Women distribute animal feed.

Connecting the Machine milking.

Women talking.

Cows eat hay.

Stand with awards.

Employees of the plant at the meeting.

A herd of cows on roaming.

4. Athletes with sled up the hill to the top of the track.

Athlete on the track.

Sportswoman V.V.Zozulya ready to start. V.V.Zozulya out on the track.

The next competitor at the start.

Athlete on the track.

Those observers.

Starts pair crews.

Driving on the highway (shooting with the camera athlete).

Athletes congratulate each other.


Kultyshev IP - Chief Engineer, collective farm chairman, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, the honorable citizen of Kungur region. VV Zozulya - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, European and world champion, Olympic champion coach luge.

Locations: Ufa [889] Udmurtia [754] Perm Krai [763] Tyumen region [809] Sverdlovsk [876]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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