Capitano Rousseau.. (1973)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: P.Finkeljberg

Operators: P.Finkeljberg

Reel №1

The documentary is dedicated to the memory of the Italian resistance hero of World War II Hasan Kamalova - Captain Rousseau, he was called the Italian partisans.

Authors of the film had a journalistic investigation, which confirmed that Captain Rousseau was born in the village Chitur (Dagestan ASSR, Lak district) Hasan Kamalov.

The first part.

Surf, seagulls over the water.

Eternal flame burns.

Italy, Mr.

Pontarlier, a monument to the heroes of the Italian resistance World War II.

Member's Photos of the Italian resistance Hasan Kamalova.

B / W to / t: Russia, May 1945., Soviet soldiers - the winners go on the train, one of them plays the accordion, women with flowers on the platform meet military soldiers with flowers ride in cars, on the station platform woman kissing a soldier, soldiers with flowers walking down the street of a town.

The train arrives at the station.

Pantheon of Fame in

Pontarlier (Northern Italy), view of the crypt, which were buried thirteen characters.

Plaque was buried in the crypt of the Soviet captain Hasan Kamalova (1916-1945gg.).

Blacksmith of Rustavi Tahir Isaev in the brickyard tells G.Kamalove. T.Isaev in orders sitting at the table, talks about how he fought in the same division with guerrilla G.Kamalovym in


Winter, train rides on the rail.

Journalist from Azerbaijan A.Sarkisov sitting at a table in his office, talks about the letters of the Italian resistance fighter T.Isaeva.

Letters A.Sarkisovu from people who knew G.Kamalova.

Pages of Italian newspapers with articles about G.Kamalove.

Essay A.Sarkisova in Azerbaijani newspaper "Communist".

Azerbaijan, Mr.

Baku, cars, buses traveling on the street in the city center.


Makhachkala, the downtown streets.

Article from the newspaper "Dagestan Truth" "Who is Hasan Kamalov?".

Researchers in the laboratory study G.Kamalova photos, one of them talks about the work done to identify, as a result of which it was determined that Captain Rousseau - Hasan Kamal from the Dagestani village Chitur.

Winter, minibus driving on rural road.

Chitur village, children sledding.

Boy rings the bell guys run the school in the background - a monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

Schoolchildren running down a narrow street of the village.

Photo - G.Kamalov among classmates.

Building schools.

Chitur, students sit at their desks, the teacher at the blackboard is a lesson, - Persons pupils.

Mature woman sitting on the front porch of his house.

PNRM. the village.

Elderly man playing a pipe.

Man leads a donkey, ties him to a pole at home.

Elderly man tells the journalist about his village of fellow villagers, who fought in the Great Patriotic War.

Minibus traveling on a mountain road.

Experts All-Union Scientific Research Institute of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs are working to establish the identity of the hero.

The article "Who is he, Hasan Kamalov?" Newspaper.

Man on a city street reading a newspaper.

New, riding cars, buses on the road in the background - construction cranes.

The second part.

An employee of the scientific and technical department, the Department of the Interior

Rostov - on - Don talks about the re-examination of the Italian resistance hero image and images with a resident.

Chitur G.Kamalova, as a result of which it was established - it is the same person.

View Chitur village in the mountains.

Monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War in the village.

Pupils draw up a photo booth G.Kamalova.

Older men sit on the bench at home.


Women go through a narrow street of the village.

Brother-G.Kamalova on 950 th Artillery Regiment I.M.Kolomiets talks about the monument in a.

Sychevka (Ukraine) who died in the Great Patriotic War.

General view of the monument, the names of the dead at the plate. I.M.Kolomiets, his wife and a journalist in the house drinking tea.

PNRM. the room, pictures on the walls comrades. I.M.Kolomiets says that seriously wounded G.Kamalova captured by the Germans.

Meeting with the heroes of the Italian resistance to the Soviet Committee of World War II veterans.

The demonstration on the streets of one of the Italian cities, men throw Molotov cocktails through the windows of the building, burning cars in the street, - Face protesters.

Go to men and women with signs «DACHAU», «STUTTHOF», «SACHSENHAUSEN» etc. - antifascist march on the street one of the Italian cities.

Chairman of the National Association of Italian partisans Arigo Boldrini sitting behind a desk in his office, sends thanks to the families and loved ones G.Kamalova talks about it.

Moscow, Italian partisans lay wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Alexander Garden. - Wreath with ribbon "from the Association of Italian partisans."

Eternal flame burns.

PNRM. on the faces of those present at the ceremony.

Elderly persons Chitur village.


Inscription on the slab in the pantheon

Pontarlier «CHASAN KAMALOF. 1916-1945 ".

The car rides on a mountain road.

The cameraman shoots outside the village Chitur.

Key words

The Second World War. Protests. The struggle for peace. Media. Landscapes. Towns, villages. Trains. Road transport and road. Schooling. Jurisprudence. Sculpture. National life.