Healing edge.. (1982)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: Grek I.

Operators: Koroev H., Krilov A.

Other authors: Avtor scenariya - E.Efimov, zvukooperator - I.Gunger, redaktor - N.Pesjyakov


The film tells about a group of resorts KMV in the Stavropol region.

Reel №1


Caucasus Mountains.

Mountain Lake.

For rapid mountain river.


Female announcer in a radio studio reads forecast (sinhr.).


Mineral Waters.

Airport building "Mineral Water", the passengers out of the plane.

Passengers board the commuter train, traveling in it.



Area Lenin; Lenin monument (skulpt. A.M.Portyanko, architect. V.V.Bogdanov, V.P.Sokolov, 1971), and mnogomarshevaya alley staircase leading to the monument.

A plaque commemorating the award of

Pyatigorsk Red Banner of Labor.

The audience in the park, on the street, near the fountain.

Vacationers in natural (karst) mine "failure."

Woman at the entrance to "grotto Lermontov" (arranged in a natural cave arch.

J. and I.Bernardatstsi, 1830-31.).

Chatter "Aeolian Harp" (architect

J. and I.Bernardatstsi, 1828) on the slope of Mount Mashuk.

Monument to the poet Mikhail Lermontov (skulpt. A.M.Opekushin, 1889).

Monument to Mikhail Lermontov's duel (skulpt. B.M.Mikeshin authors sculptural fence.

VV Kozlov, L.A.Ditrih, 1915). "House Lermontov" - an outbuilding on the farm V.I.Chilaeva (built 1834-35 gg.), Memorial exhibit genuine poet things.

Building of the Institute of Health Resort.

The building is one of the resorts.

Vacationers drink mineral water pump room.

Patients in an inhaler under the supervision of medical professionals.

Patients taking sanatoriums treatments.

Architectural projects resorts, architectural studio work.



The building is named after Semashko mud baths (architect E.F.Shreter, 1913-15 gg.) interiors mud baths.

Bjuvet "Source number 4" (postr.1913-15's.) crowd gathers water at the source.

Sanatorium patients taking treatments.

In catering establishments waitress arranges flowers on the table, serves visitors.

Visitors to the restaurant "Russian Court" on the sundeck.




The building of the sanatorium "Zheleznovodsk."

Mud baths building (built in 1971).

Building Ostrovskikh bathrooms (P.Yu.

Syuzor architect, engineer. A.V.Konradi, 1891-93 gg.).

Bjuvet Smirnovsky source (architect P.P.Eskov, 1930); campers drink water.

The audience at the street, on the beach.

Vacationers catamarans sail on the lake.

Pushkin Gallery building (architect S.Shiller, 1901-02 gg.).



Panorama of the city.

The audience at the railway station.

Memorial sign on a city street, the awarding

Kislovodsk Order of Patriotic War I degree.

Mnogomarshevaya staircase leading to the observation deck in the spa park; fountains in front of the main entrance to the park.

Ordzhonikidze sanatorium building (architect M.Ya.

Ginzburg, S.E.Vahtangov, I.I.Leonidov, I.I.Shpalek, E.M.Popov, 1935-37.).

Holidaymakers sit on a bench at the entrance to the resort housing.

Doctor sanatorium im.S.Ordzhonikidze Vera A. Lebedev, 26 CPSU Congress delegate, awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, the patient receives in the office, it measures the pressure.

Spa building "20 years in October."

USSR People's Doctor Evdokia Andriivna Perekrestova colleague make the patient sanatorium "20 years of October" electrocardiogram examine x-rays, EEG data.

Cinema building "Russia" (architect I.Fridental, 1970).

Circus building (architect G.Naprienko, Ing. A.Shvetsov, 1973).

Circus program: performance artists and bears on the ice.

Landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains.

Wildlife: deer, mountain goat, bison.

Kennel ginseng.

Tourist groups on mountain trails.

Karachay-Cherkess Autonomous Region.

On Dombayskoy clearing classes are held on mountaineering.

Flying gliders.

Skiers ascend by cable car, walk down the mountain on skis.

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