Moscow. (1927)

Documentary №4195, 7 parts, duration: 0:59:32, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kaufman M., Kopalin I.


Species film about Moscow. The film shows the architectural monuments, the work of urban enterprises, life and leisure of citizens.

Reel №1

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Red Square (the top point).

Litter bins, street cleaning (morning).

Taxi out of the garage.

Buses leave from the garage.

Steamers are on the Moscow River.

Go train to Moscow.

The people coming out of the train and the station.

Komsomolskaya Square (Kalanchevskaya) - LS.

Red Gate.

Travel on Kirov Street (Myasnitskaya).

Dzerzhinsky Square (Lubyanka Square).

Triumphal arch (in the square of the Belarusian station).

Gorky Street (Tverskaya) (from the top of the Belarusian and the station).

Travel on Gorky Street (Tverskaya) by Museum of the Revolution.

Pushkin Square (Good area).

Monument Timiryazev Nikitsky Gate.

Pushkin monument on Tverskoy Boulevard.

Travel on Gorky Street (Tverskaya Street), down from Pushkin to the Soviet area.

Arbat Square (with the upper point) from the restaurant "Prague".

Stalls on Arbat Square "Izhevsk source."

The Moskva River (sort of).

Kremlin (from a height of Christ).

Crimean Bridge before reconstruction.

Moskvoretsky bridge.

Vasilevsky descent (from Red Square.

To Moscow River).

Trams run along the Kremlin wall.

Red Square from the Museum of History - LS.

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky (on the old site) (the top point).

Sverdlov Square of the Revolution Square and the Bolshoi Theatre - LS.

Tram on the area (on the background of the Bolshoi Theatre).


Reel №2

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Postal car near the house, the postman picks mail.

Postman on a bike.

Homeless boy on the tram "sausage."

Traffic at the Tretyakov Passage.

Freight transport shopping street. 25 October (on Nikolskaya Street.), Passing carter.

Sverdlov Square - LS.

Theatre Way (from pl.


Glass Booth tram station on Sverdlov Square.

Kiosk "Help Desk".

Shopgirl "Cigarette Girl of Mosselproma."

Building Mostorg (CUM number 1).

Trading room Mostorg (shoes), a lift in the shop.

Trade canned in grocery stores.

Department store sale: chandeliers, cloth, sculptural groups.


Petrovka: facades of shops, street trading, shop windows.

Selling fur coats in the store (in the picture on the right is sitting on a chair director Venzher IV).


Kirov (Myasnitskaya) (the top point).


Kuznetsk bridge.

The sale of goods from the stalls, Sukharevsky market.


Bitter (Tver) (the top point).

The work of the Moscow Post Office Street.

Kirov: building, operating room, the work of the pneumatic connections.

Central Telegraph Street.

Kirov area post office.

The work of female telephone operators.

Reel №3

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The work of the Moscow industry.

Machines work - CU.

Production of cigarettes.

Matter production in a textile factory.

The work of the plant "Hammer and Sickle".

Melted steel in the factory.

New truck "AMO" before leaving the factory.

Electric on w / e thread about Elektrozavod.

Tram in the new settlement Bogorodsk.

Working family in a new house.

New homes in the new quarter at Stromynka.

Details of the new house.

Reel №4

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Moscow on vacation.

Museum of Fine Arts.

Zoo entrance to the zoo (old).

Passing cabs. (Young animals, birds, crocodile, animals in open enclosures, monkeys).

"For the City" are trams, passengers inside and on the bandwagon ride on the Leningrad highway.

Railway Platform, filled with passengers.

Go out of town on a motorcycle on the Leningrad highway.


Hippodrome, competition on the run on the racecourse.

Rest in Sokolniki: Children on a swing, on the carousel.

Water station on the Moscow River, skating on the river in boats on the background of Frunze Embankment.

Jumping into the water from a springboard water station.

Seaplane over the Moskva River.

On the playground of the stadium "Dynamo".

Child athletes go through the stadium in rows.

In Neskuchny garden horseback "Ferris wheel".

Children on the site. "When evening comes."

House "Mosselprom" (evening).

Deli number 1 (Eliseevskiy) at night, selling products, sellers.

Lighted lights at night on the street.

Children sleep in the children's dormitory.

Homeless on the street at night.

Visitors night restaurants go in a cab at night.

At night the restaurant: Visitors to the ladies of easy virtue at the tables, stands pop singer, entertainer.

Homeless children at night on the street in boilers, where they cooked asphalt.

In the workers' club: young workers are engaged in physical exercise, orchestra performances.

Reel №5

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Kremlin from the Moskva River (to the highest point).

Kremlin Embankment.

Passage of foreign ambassadors in the Kremlin.

Japanese Ambassador Tanaka.


Polish ambassador Patek.


French Ambassador Erbet.

Turkish ambassador Zekia Bay.

Charge d'affairs of the UK Hodgson.

The building of the British Embassy (inside and outside).

Vorovsky monument (on the street.


Litvinov at the reception of foreigners.

Episode of a trade agreement with the foreigners.

German Ambassador, Count Rantzau.

Foreigners at the reception in Glavkontsesskome.

Foreign delegations of scientists.

Foreign workers delegation, they met at the station.

University of the East, the Stalin.

Portrait of Dr.

Sun Yat Sen.

Students at the University - CU.

Portraits of peasants: old and young.

Peasant in a peasant's house.

The walls of the Kremlin - CU.

Government building in the Kremlin, where an apartment of Lenin.

Meeting of the Council of People's Commissars, the meeting Rykov, Smilga, Litvinov, Radzutak, Voroshilov.

The chair on which he sat Lenin.

Reel №6

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NDP "It looks the same as Moscow."

Moscow: the Kremlin, the Stone Bridge - LS. (Top point).

Sukharev Tower, pass-gate under the tower - LS.

Pushkin monument on Tverskoy Boulevard, amid Passion Monastery.

Bolshoi Theatre.

Domes of churches of Donskoy Monastery.

It takes a nun.

A group of peasants in sandals is the courtyard of the monastery.

The gates of the monastery.

Kremlin Palace (the Sofia quay with us).

Lordly mansions.

Creche at the mansion.

Children's home in the mansion (fragment).

Proletkult building (on the street.


The building of the administrative department of the MC.

House of Unions.

Rustic house (inside and outside).

MSU, Monument to Lomonosov, the students work in the lab.

Newsreel 1912:

The opening of the monument to General Skobelev.

Newsreel 1918:

Removing the monument Skobelev (in the Soviet area).

Fare on the street.


Obelisk of Freedom with the text of the Constitution of the USSR in 1922 (on the site of the monument Skobelev).

The farmer reads the text of the Constitution.

The building of the Moscow City Council (through the Obelisk of Freedom).

Red Square (with the upper point of the Historical Museum).

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky.

Wooden Lenin Mausoleum.

The graves of the dead statesmen about Lenin's Mausoleum and the Kremlin wall.

Ivan the Great Bell.

Tsar Bell.

Tsar Cannon.

Government building in the Kremlin.

Hall, the seat of government of the USSR.

Mikhail Kalinin, Musabekov Yenukidze Kutuzov Tsyurupa, Khinchuk - CU.

Radio Tower Street Shabolovka "Big Comintern."

Reel №7

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Movie №0

Movie №1

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