Pushkin. (1949)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bubrik S., Nikolai V.

Script writers: Nagornij S.

Operators: Bobrov G., Dolgov N., Levitan A., Mikosha V., Semin A., Havchin A., Shafran A.

Text writers: Nagornij S.


The film tells about the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

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Reel №1

Quote Pushkin.

Portrait of the poet's brush Orest Kiprensky.

Panorama of Moscow, view of the Kremlin.

Vehicles on the streets of the capital.

Group kindergarten for a walk in the park.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin.

Images of old Moscow.

Portrait S.L.Pushkina, father of the poet.

Portrait N.O.Gannibal, the poet's mother.

A record of the birth of Alexander Pushkin in the register.

The picture of life in Moscow.

Pushkin House in Zakharov.

Natural scenery.

Village pond.

Bust A.R.Yakovlevoy, babysitting poet.

Picture: Little Alexander with a nanny.

Drawings of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum.

The rooms of the museum.

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin in his youth S.G.Chirikova brush.

Park alley.

The bridge over the pond.


Chesmenskaya column on Great Pond.

Paintings and drawings dedicated to the War of 1812.

The frames of the film "Kutuzov" (1943, dir. V.M.Petrov) Pictures.

Portrait GRDerzhavin VLBorovikovsky brush.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin in Tsarskoye Selo.

Paintings and drawings of the life of St.


The poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila".

Illustration in the book.

The frames of the film "Ruslan and Lyudmila" (1938, dir. I.S.Nikitchenko, V.P.Nevezhin) S.D.Stolyarov as Ruslan L.S.Glazova as Lyudmila.

Portrait of VA Zhukovsky autographed.


SD Stolyarov - Film and theater actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR.
Glazov LS - Film and stage actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.


Moscow region



Reel №2

Picture: Pushkin with friends, future Decembrists.


Letters to friends of the poet.

Picture: Pushkin reading verses.

Portrait A.A.Arakcheeva.

Portrait of Archimandrite Photius.


Archival documents.

Landscapes of the Caucasus.

The mountain waterfalls.


Mountain View.

Manuscripts with drawings of the poet.

The poem "Prisoner of the Caucasus".

Mountain road, rocks.

Tidal bore.

Flowering tree, view of the Ayu-Dag.

House Rayevskys in Gurzuf.

Portrait N.N.Raevskogo-son.

Portrait M.N.Raevskoy.

View from the rocks of the sea.

Sea waves crashing against the rocks.

Alternation: types of Bakhchisarai, paintings.

The streets of ChiЕџinДѓu.

The plaque on the wall of the house.

A room in the museum.


Portrait P.I.Pestelya.

Pushkin manuscript pages with pictures.


Room of the museum.

Quote of Alexander Pushkin on the plate.

Alternation: paintings, drawings poet.

Types of fortresses.

Monument of the 55th Infantry Regiment Podolsk.

Flowering tree, a view of the castle.





Reel №3

Paintings depicting the life of Odessa.

Portrait Vorontsov.

Archive folder.

Ivan Aivazovsky Painting in collaboration with IERepin "Pushkin farewell to the sea."

Tidal bore.

Manor Mikhailovskoye.

View from the terrace of the manor house on the river.

Trees on the shore.

House of the poet.

Cabinet Pushkin.

Desk poet.

Open the manuscript with a pen.

Michael's natural scenery.

Desk Pushkin.

Page of the manuscript of the novel "Eugene Onegin".

Tchaikovsky Mazurka from the opera "Eugene Onegin".

Winter and spring natural scenery at the Mikhailovsky.

Drafts of the novel "Eugene Onegin".

Animation: a novel line with corrections.

Printed pages of the novel.

The title page of the novel.


Pskov region



Reel №4

Svyatogorsky Assumption monastery.

Various editions of the works of Alexander Pushkin.

The Tsar's resolution on the novel "Eugene Onegin".

Michael Winter.

Alternation: a room in a house babysitting poet winter blizzard (footage from the film).

Types of winter forest.

View of the house from the trees.

Picture NN Ge "Pushin visiting Pushkin in St.



Image lira.

Almanac "North Star."

Portrait A.A.Bestuzheva-Marly.

Portrait K.F.Ryleeva.

Paintings dedicated uprising Decembrists.

Archival materials of the investigation.

Profiles of the Decembrists on a commemorative coin.

Pushkin manuscripts with drawings.

Paintings and drawings.

View of the bridge over the river (town in one of the countries of Eastern Europe).

The school building.

Russian language class.

Schoolgirl reading a passage from the novel "Eugene Onegin".

Edition of the works of Alexander Pushkin in different languages.

Quote VG Belinsky.

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin.


Pskov region



Reel №5

Figures dedicated to exiled Decembrists.

Answer Decembrists Pushkin.

Page of the newspaper "Iskra".

View Shushenskoye the river.

House Lenin.

A room in the house-museum.

Manuscripts Lenin.

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin.

Art dedicated the battle of Poltava.

The frames of the film "Peter the Great", 2nd series (1938, dir. V.M.Petrov).


The letter to the local authorities about the arrival of Pushkin in Tbilisi.

Paintings and drawings dedicated to the battles against the Turks.

Alternating: the pages of the Literary Gazette, portraits of famous writers and poets.


Pushkin in Boldino autumn landscapes.

Types of estates.


Pages of manuscripts of the poet with pictures.

Written works in Boldin.

Picture: Pushkin in Moscow ball.

Portrait N.N.Goncharovoy A.P.Bryullova brush.

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin brush PF Sokolov.

The house in Tsarskoye Selo.

A room in the house-museum.

Desk poet.

Manuscript "The Tale of Tsar Saltan".


Students read the story in the lesson.

Children at their desks.

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin on the wall of the class.


Krasnoyarsk Territory
Nizhny Novgorod region
Leningrad region



Reel №6

Moscow Bolshoi Theatre.

People go to the show.

Theatrical poster in the entrance.

View of the auditorium.

A fragment of Mussorgsky's opera "Boris Godunov."

Curtain closes.


Portrait of Alexander Pushkin.

Quotes from the poet of Europe.

Picture: Pushkin on the waterfront.

Monument to Peter I. View of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

The fence of the Summer Garden.

Bridges and embankments of St.


The spire of the Admiralty.

Paintings dedicated Pugachev rebellion.

Pushkin, "History of the Pugachev rebellion."

Archive folder.

Alternation: diary pages poet illustration.

The literary magazine "Contemporary" with illustrations.


The works of Nikolai Gogol.

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin.

Alternation: halls of the museum, the museum exhibits, portraits of famous writers in paintings and photographs.

Library named after Lenin.

The busts of Stalin and Lenin on display among the books.

Russian literature in foreign languages.


St. Petersburg



Reel №7

Autumn natural scenery at the Mikhailovsky.

Pictures from the life of St.


Picture N.P.Ulyanova "Pushkin and his wife at the ball."

Portrait of Nicholas I. The fragment pattern N.P.Ulyanova.

Cabinet Pushkin museum exhibits.

Personal library of the poet.

Desk Pushkin.

Dueling pistols in a box.

Portrait Zh.



Cabinet Pushkin.


Replying to a letter A.O.Ishimovoy.

Paintings devoted duel Pushkin and Zh.



The corridors of the house.


The sofa in the library.


Picture: dying Pushkin.

Shelves with books.

Alternation: Notes friends of the poet, the fragments of the picture.


The painting "Pushkin in the coffin" brush AA Kozlov.

Pen and letter print on the page.

An obituary in the newspaper.

Picture: carry the coffin of the poet.

Svyatogorsk Holy Assumption Monastery.

The grave of the poet.

Works of Alexander Pushkin.

Dissolve: books on the shelves, people in the reading rooms, the students in the classroom, a girl with embroideries.

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin.


Pskov region