Lake Riza. (1951)

Documentary №4229, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:49
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Varlamov L.
Camera operators:Makaseev B., Mikosha V.


A film essay about a vacation in Abkhazia. The film tells about the picturesque nature of Abkhazia, about the leisure and recreation of Soviet people on the shore of Lake Ritsa and in its surroundings.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The application plan is the sea, palm trees, a white ship can be seen in the distance.

The application plan is the Black Sea coast, a beach with vacationers, mountains can be seen in the distance.

Abkhazia, mountain view.

A group of vacationers in the park gets on the bus "Sochi-Ritsa" with an open top.

Buses with vacationers leave the territory of the sanatorium, go along the road along the sea.

Pointer - Lake Ritsa 39 km.

Buses are traveling along the Sukhumi highway, the road turns into the mountains.

The pointer in the mountains is the Bzyb River.

View of the Bzyb River and the mountains.

A suspension bridge over the river.

Buses go along a mountain road, pass by collective-farm tobacco plantations.

The pointer is a blue lake.

View of the lake, mountains and bridge.

Large-transparent water of the lake.

Vacationers go down to the water.

View of the mountains and the bridge on which buses and cars go.

Mountains, forest.

A man and a woman are driving in an open car.

Panorama - forest, mountains.

Buses with vacationers go along a mountain road along the forest.

Vacationers in an open car look around.

Shots with a forest, rocks, a mountain river.

The place where two rivers merge-the Bzyb and the Gega, a bridge is visible in the distance.

View of the mountain gorge and the river.

The Gega River.

Large-field flowers on the stones.

View of the river flowing over the stones.

Shots of a bus driving along a mountain road.


Shepherds drive a flock of sheep along a mountain road.

A green glade in the mountains.

Buses go along a mountain road.

View of the mountain, the buses enter the tunnel, which is located in the gorge.

Buses and cars leave the tunnel, go along the mountain road.

The general plan is mountains, forest, buses are moving slowly along a narrow mountain road.

Various shots with mountain landscapes.

Shots with an Alpine bell.

A stream on a rock.

View of the mountain gorge, river, forest.

In the frame - century-old box trees.

Panorama of Lake Ritsa and the mountains.

View of Lake Ritsa from the top point.

Mountains, forest, some building in the distance.

A mountain river flows among the rocks and flows into the lake.

The Yupshara River flows.

Lake Ritsa from the top point.

Wooden cottages near the lake.

Vacationers settled down in a clearing in the shade.

Vacationers have a picnic on the shore of the lake.

Vacationers walk along the paths of the park, on the pier.

View of the Ritsa Hotel.

Locations: Abkhazia


Ritsa Lake

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A park near Lake Ritsa.

On the site near the lake, vacationers dance a waltz.

The pier, vacationers look at the passing boats.

Vacationers are waiting for boarding a boat.

A boat with vacationers.

Various plans with boats sailing on the lake.

Large-the captain of the boat at the helm.

The boat sails past a beautiful building on the shore of Lake Ritsa.

Boats with vacationers float on the lake.

The general plan - the boats make a circle.

Happy faces of vacationers.

View of the lake and mountains (shooting from a moving boat).

Close-up-the faces of the passengers of the boat.

Boats sail past the state duma.

The passengers of the boat look around.

Picturesque view of the lake, shore, mountains, forest (shooting from a moving boat).

Boats sail up to the pier of a small bay.

Vacationers get out of the boats, go to the veranda.

Vacationers at the restaurant tables on the veranda.

The waiter carries skewers with kebabs.

On the shore of the lake, a group of people is having a picnic.

Large-a tablecloth on the ground, on it plates and pots of food, bottles of wine.

People are helping themselves to food.

The toastmaster says a toast.

Panorama from the veranda to the lake and the passing boat.

Sosnovka grove at the foot of the mountain Pshegishkhva.

Large-field flowers.

Vacationers walk through the grove, go into the gazebo.

View from the shore to the lake and mountains.

View of the lake and mountains from the veranda of the restaurant.

Night, view of the hotel "Ritsa" from the lake.

Evening view of the lake and mountains from the top point.

Fog, mountains.

Morning forest.

The general plan is a lake, mountains, a forest in a haze of fog.

Panorama of the lake and a flock of birds flying over the surface of the water.

Clouds and forest are reflected on the smooth surface of the lake.

The thicket of the forest.

Bare tree trunks.

View of the mountains covered with forest and the sky with clouds.

A picturesque view from the shore-you can see the roof of a house with a flying flag, a lake, mountains and a forest.

The path of the park by the lake.

A wooden house, near it a bench and a fountain.

View from the side of the house to the lake and mountains.

A fountain, nearby bushes and flowers.

Beautiful views of the lake and mountains from the top point.

Locations: Abkhazia


Ritsa Lake

Seasons: Summer [824]

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